Breeder Resources

This section within the Purrinlot Castle is designed with the Breeder in mind.

Instead of just simply sharing a site map of little interest, I have listed many pages on this site with a reference to what each page is all about. Please keep in mind, we have many more pages- but we thought this was a great resource direction for Breeders seeking to find information about their wonderful passion for Persian Cats.

Please remember these articles and documents are based on our ACTUAL experiences. For all medical directions, seek a licensed vet. Use this information as a help guide only and enjoy your kittens.

  1. Are you ready to be a breeder? read this blog first!
  2. Are you thinking about adopting or buying a new adopt a Persian cat or Persian kitten?
  3. What removes Cat Urine Odor? Help remove urine from even your couch!
  4. Tube Feeding video help for all newborn kittens. Help save your orphan kitten's life.
  5. How to Distinguish a Reputable Persian Cat or any Breeder from a Bad Breeder
  6. Persian Cat Grooming Tools for your Persian cat or longhair cat- tips to help you groom and wash your Persian and longhair cat. Free movie clips and text article on page. And here is an article written with easy directions on Grooming Persian Cats.
  7. Cat Grooming Products Overview In this article we share the best of the best shampoos we have found over the years, in addition to the Anna line pictures included.
  8. 21 Tips for a Healthy Coat and a Healthy Pet growing a Persian coat starts on the inside. Go here to read our cat stud tail article with pictures.
  9. How to Bath a Persian or Longhair cat The most detailed Persian cat grooming section of tools and advice on the net. Cat Grooming Products, DVD cat videos and how to's also offered.
  10. Kitchen, recipe and glop info Many great treats to feed your kitties.
  11. Scent Marking, why do cats spray? Good article for both the breeder and the pet lover
  12. Birthing chart Tells what day will your Persian kittens be born based on what day your Persian cats mated. A kitten due date calculator.
  13. How about the bi-color Info- color chart tells what color the kittens will be!
  14. A Pregnancy Calendar the progress stages of those 60-70 some days. A number one feline cat pregnancy calendar and very detailed.
  15. A Kitten Calendar the first 12 weeks of growth, updated 2008! This is a top page from Google and Yahoo too!
  16. A persian kitten diary with pictures of the growth stages of a kitten. We had a alot of fun designign this page.
  17. Overgrowth, Cattery Control what do you do when your cats become numbers?? Every new and old breeder should read this article.
  18. Purrinlot Kittens Our adorable persian kitten babies that are available along with some pictures of persian kittens. Aslo retiring Persian Cats are sometimes found here.
  19. Purrinlot Favorites All of the surfers' most visited rooms book marked on one page. On this page we gathered up several great pages and added them to one for your enjoyment.

Over the last 20+ years, I have had so much fun creating and building out these pages on this site. Its my pleasure to share and my honour that you may enjoy. Have a great life!!

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