Persian Kitten Development Stages - the first 12 weeks of a kitten's life

A diary of a kittens' growing progress!

Persian Kitten Development

Persian Kitten 9 weeks(2 days)

Birth. Persian Kittens normally weigh in between 3.0 and 3.5 oz. Smaller Persian kittens have lower chances at survival. And I have found larger Persian kittens tend to also have difficult surviving. I believe it is related to the moms have more difficult birthing a larger kitten with a larger head, and that cuts off oxygen level to the brain, making them lose some of their natural sucking instincts.

1 week of age. Still try not to handle the baby too much. Most Persian kittens eat and sleep at this stage around the clock. A crying kitten means he is either hungry or something is wrong.


Persian Kitten (10 days)

10-14 days. Persian Eyes open between 10-14 days. If the eyes have not opened yet or look bulged, make sure fluid is not being retained locked under the lid sealed shut. If it is, simply carefully open the eye with a warm water wash and drain fluid puss out, and then add some triple antibacterial ointment.


Persian Kitten 3 weeks(3 weeks)

3 weeks. At about 3 weeks of age, Persian kittens learn to sit up. Some are even ready to begin climbing in and out of bed and the litter box. Watch your kitten at this age to ensure he doesn't eat litter. The litter is normally registered about this timeframe.


4th week. They know how to get in and out of bed and use the litter box. Your kitten area needs to be cleaned more often, for they begin playing with toys and balls pretty good at this age.

Persian Kitten 5 weeks

5th week. Persian kittens began to play very hard and even rough with each other. Be sure to watch nails and eyes. "Kitten butts" are sometime seem at this age. "Kitten butt" is where they get in the litter box and they poop, but some of it remains on the fur. Sometimes they sit back into it and you need to be extra aware to have butts checked daily and keep them clean.

Persian Kitten 6 weeks

6th week. The first vaccination is due. Check to verify the kitten is healthy first, clear eyes and check the bite for teeth and gum issues.

Persian Kitten 8 weeks

7th week. This is the time to begin teaching your Persian kittens grooming skills.The first bath can be given at this time (as you can see from this photo, the fur is separating and a bath is in need.) But do make certain to dry them completely. During this stage, Persian kittens will begin to nurse slightly less. Both mom and kittens may get a loose stool. Once kittens do begin to eat regular food, watch the stools even more closely to avoid pooped butts.

8th week. Moms begin to teach kittens socialization skills beginning in the eighth week and going into the 12th week. First de-worming is given as a precaution.

Persian Kitten 9 weeks

9th week. The second vaccination is due.Toys are a big pleasure!

Persian Kitten 10 weeks

10th week. The second bath is needed to help teach Persian kittens bath routines. Nails are also clipped. A second round of de-worming is given as the final round for precaution.

11th week. A vet appointment is scheduled to verify health.

12th week. The final bath and nail clipping sessions are due. Final vaccination is also given before kitten goes to his new home. Paperwork is gathered.

cat MEOW!!!

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