Who, and What is Purrinlot?

Purrinlot,  a brand name in the Persian Cat world, now an internationally known site

Purrinlot began back in 1996 when breeder Laura Thomas began showing Persian cats in two associations, the AFCA and CFA. She quickly went on to show exclusively in the world's largest and most prestigious CFA (Cat Fancy Association.)

She started with tabbies and bicolors, later adding solid whites into her program and cattery, which she named Purrinlot. Eventually Laura's program became strictly a bicolor tabby and white program with a goal she was told was impossible, yet one she ultimately achieved.

In 2009 Laura retired from actively breeding and showing cats and Purrinlot became an informational site on professional cat breeding as well as a retailer for Laura's proprietary line of natural cat shampoos and grooming products: the Anna Designer Pet Line. Today, Purrinlot has become an internationally known brand name for an authoritive, educational, fun and unique site dedicated to Persian Cats, their owners, and other longhair cat lovers.


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Hi, My name is Laura, I welcome you to envelop yourself here at the Purrinlot Castle for Persians and other Long Hair beauties!


My Mission for Purrinlot (1996-200X)

I wanted to breed and show blue eye and odd eye bicolor Persians


  • they were not approved for show
  • they were not recognized
  • there was no gene pool of the bicolor Persian show cat.

Through many years of work, board votes, and genetic directions of lines, I succeeded with my goal and recreated and introduced the blue and odd eye bicolor Show Persian cat. Read my personal story here on Jacob (world's first odd eye bicolor Grand Champion Persian) and again with Anna (world's first blue eye bicolor Grand Champion Persian). FYI, A bicolor cat is a cat with both a color and white combined.

jacob odd eye bicolor persian show catI will never forget both the day I showed Jacob for the very first time. The Judges looked at his eyes and wondered, "what is wrong with his eyes?" They had never seen a bicolor odd eye and most didn't even know if it was legal for show. Jacob stole the show, not only for the Judges, but for the exhibitors to watch him and the judges reaction in every single ring! He drew a crowd and it continued to grow.

anna blue eye bicolor persian show catEven more exciting was Anna's first show! Every single judge looked at her eyes, and pulled out the rule book in amazement. I had the page and item number memorized. Word spread like fire, "You won't believe this, but I just saw a blue eye bicolor!" To show both of these amazing cats of my breeding and years of work was simply the most rewarding experience any breeder could imagine. :-)

Breeding and developing health and quality has always been my passion. I wanted to breed out diseases known in the Persians (see life as a breeder) while creating a breed of its own. Persians under the name of Purrinlot as a hobby became my life of joy.  Today, Purrinlot, is still my hobby, but I don't really breed any longer. I had to slow down and stop breeding pretty much after a second severe attack of MS. Even if you are disabled or diseased, you can still live out your passion and dreams. Please don't let anyone or anything stand in your path of your dreams!

Purrinlot's purpose

Over the years, this Persian cat site was developed in a way that would help newcomers, breeders, show exhibitors and cat lovers enjoy the hobby as I do. If I was asked a certain question more than 3 times, It became a page on this site. That was my way of sharing my knowledge to those who seek information of meat, not milk. I am able to share based on my actual experience and not just book sense. This is what made Purrinlot become the best! Yes, Purrinlot gets more visitors than any other Persian cattery in the world on a daily basis.

Purrinlot is not a brick-and-mortar store. I am not a grooming service ( you can't bring your cats to me for grooming.) But I offer you and all Persian cat lovers the wealth of knowledge I have acquired during the past two decades to help you on your venture with your Persian or Longhair cat.

If you are thinking about breeding, or have bred for a long time, or perhaps you are interested in showing or simply owning a Persian cat, then you've come to a place on the web I call my own, Purrinlot. This web space is now dedicated as your authority for Persian Cats!


anna tips

An Anna Tip: cat tips are found all throughout our site: "Keep plastic (bags, ties, ribbons) away from cats and kittens; they love to chew it, and it is a major choking hazard!"

Purrinlot was designed to help all cat lovers

What's in a name: my Purrinlot story

In the mid Nineties I sat in the dining room and had my children helping me come up with a name for my cattery. After a few hours, my daughter suggested Purrinlot, and our castle was born. I used the castle theme because I simply LOVE castles! I love the era, I love the times, and I love the lands in which castles are built ( even though I live in Eastern Virginia, US). I also love cats... so it made perfect sense to name my cattery "Purrinlot" and theme it after Camelot. :-)

My brain thinks past normal and it's very competitive even though I personally am not. Based on how my brain works, if showing was a beauty pageant, I needed an honest edge, not politics or pay outs. Therefore, grooming had to become a top priority, and it did. My grooming continued to get better as I continued showing the hardest colors of all breeds and the hardest of breeds to groom properly.

Over the years, I developed and recorded several DVDs on grooming, offered a grooming school, and showed many Persians to top levels. I have a published book, have many cat e-books, and I also developed a professional cat shampoo line (named Anna) made just for the Persian coat textures, colors and issues Persian coat has. You can find all the cat products I've developed here at Purrinlot, and not only for cats but for humans too, over at Castle Baths (My Natural Bath and Body, Beauty and Spa Products store). See... I truly do love Castles. :-)

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