Persian Cat Grooming Tools - Grooming DVD's

Grooming tools help teach you how to groom Persian cats like a professional!

I share my secrets on how to make your Persian coat be it's fullest and shiniest , just by simply doing a few little things before the ring!

Nothing compares to hands on teaching grooming tools, esp. when you can rewind over and over!

DVD Persian Grooming Tools - DVD Video- works on all DVD, Video players, and Computers INTERNATIONALLY!

hollywood purr-fect bath dvdHollywood The Purr-fect Bath for Persians
and Longhairs-
A must-have for all longhair owners.

Professionally recorded, a masterpiece of quality, design and content! This DVD is a step above the rest with live video footage of myself performing an actual show bath of a Persian. I show YOU the exact same bath used for on my national winners bath. I dare you to compare the grooming you may currently know to what is taught here in this remarkable DVD.

You too can learn the grooming secrets of Purrinlot and many campaigners.

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show time ringside edition for persiansIt's Showtime - Ringside Edition DVD

It doesn't get any better than this! Now you can own something priceless... your reputation of being an excellent groomer when the judges says, "groomed to perfection!"

In this DVD you will learn:

  • the proper products and tools needed
  • complete hands on teaching of face sculpting
  • and simple tricks of the trade that have been kept under hat that will improve your final presentation.

You will be delighted with the quality content and footage you get for your money on this DVD. I expertly teach you complete face and body grooming step by step. Nothing beats hands on teaching! As an added bonus, you're in for a treat, I share my white face grooming tips too!

Hey, and if you miss a part, not a problem. Simply hit the back button and watch it again and again! Your every dream come true. :-)

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 anna tips

An Anna Tip: cat tips are found all throughout our site: "Use Anna Face Wash twice a day to remove excessive tear-staining"


original purr-fect bath dvd


Our Original, The Purr-fect Bath

The Purr-fect Bath for Persians and Longhairs - This is the original DVD I filmed myself before the professional version was made.

This DVD is not as sharp in video quality, yet it is every bitworth its weight in GOLD. Very similar to Hollywood, yet in this bath I bathe a calico, sharing the bath techniques of a dominant cat with a dilute coat.

This DVD is very rich in product content!

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