Newborn Persian Kitten Nursery with Due Date Calculator

Newborn Persian kittens require help. Hopefully, this page will help you help the new kittens, and find out what day they are due. Our due date birthing calculator can be found below.

Kitten Hercules
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Persian kitten due date calculator

Queen Due Date Calculator-
Enter the date your queen was bred:

Below is a simple breeding calendar to help determine when your mom kitty is due. Giving CFA as credit as an expert in the field of cats: As per their web site- The average length of pregnancy in the cat is 65 days, but it can vary from 61 to as long as 71 or 72 days. Here is the direct link:for more information


January = 1
April = 4
July = 7
October = 10-
February = 2
May = 5
August = 8
November = 11-
March = 3
June = 6
September = 9
December = 12-

Month - Day - Year---- - - insert 4 digit year (ex2007)
If your queen carries her kittens different than 65 days- please change to the number of days your queen normally carries:
(We choose 65 days as the average) DAYS

Your babies are due:  
Did you insert four digit Year (ex 2007) ? if so the year is correct!

script is the work of Paul Hartmann - thank you Paul



Purrinlot Persians


When a purebred cat becomes pregnant, it is not the same as for a mixed-breed cat that lives outdoors. This is especially true for Persians. Persians need the assistance of their breeders in order to be born into this world, and lots of complications can occur.

Let's start with why they need help. First, they have been spoiled over many years and have forgotten many natural instincts. Some cats just prefer not to cut the cords if the breeder is there and willing. Second, Persians are bred for large round heads, and the head sometimes makes for a very difficult delivery. In many cases, the breeder needs to assist the mother cat by pulling the kitten out. We have found overweight cats have the most problems with this and require the breeder's help even more. Another thing to keep in mind is first timers...they are too frightened to know what to do. Many books say that female cats take after their mothers. Therefore, keep in mind, if mom never did anything beyond carrying, pushing, and supplying milk, the breeder probably will be doing a lot of work. The breeder needs to know when to assist and when to call the vet.


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