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The Anna Designer Pet Line, now available for both cats and dogs, was originally created by award-winning breeder of Purrinlot Persian cats, Laura Thomas, for use on her own cats during show time and in between shows. Most of the Anna Cat Grooming Supplies can be found here. This page will teach you the main reasons to use each of our cat shampoos, our tear stain trio, and our soaps for humans.

 anna designer pet cat shampoo line

Anna HealthyCoat Cat Shampoos

Get a Beautiful Shiny Coat with our Healthy Coat Cat Shampoos, and other cat grooming supplies! The Anna Designer Pet line offers a full line of organically formulated, gentle cat shampoos including our HealthyCoat pH Shampoo, our HealthyCoat Face and Body Shampoo, and our HealthyCoat Almond/Oatmeal/Honey Shampoo, plus our Cat Conditioner.

Download and read our FREE e-book on cat shampoos to learn everything you'll need or want to know about how to select a shampoo for your preferred breed, coat type, and color.

anna designer pet cat shampoo
Anna HealthyCoat Cat Shampoo Trio
Includes HealthyCoat pH Shampoo, HealthyCoat pH Conditioner, and HealthyCoat Face and Body Shampoo
at bundle pricing.
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Are you looking for that wonderful Persian coat on your cat? Here's a cat shampoo product that will help that coat shine in the ring, literally and metaphorically. I have been using this natural organic blend of cat shampoo (my very own recipe and creation) on my Persian show cats and cattery cats for years.


 Which cat shampoo do I need for my breed, coat type, and color?

Need help choosing the right cat shampoo for your breed, coat type and color? Download our FREE cat shampoo e-book. In the e-book you will find a chart comparing each of the three Anna Designer Pet cat shampoos, plus the Anna conditioner for benefits and when to use each. We were going to embed the chart below but it would have drastically increased this page's loading time for those without high-speed Internet. You can download the full ebook below for FREE!


"It's the best cat shampoo I've ever used . . . works great for dogs, too!" --one Happy Customer


Anna cat shampoo linecat shampoo e-book

Cat Grooming Supplies - Cat Shampoo and Conditioners

Please Note: If you are using this cat shampoo to help rid Ringworm, we suggest you use the shampoo full strength on spots and leave it sit for up to 10 minutes. If you are using this Anna Cat shampoo to keep Ringworm at bay, based on having it and now gone vs coming back from a show, still use full strength and leave sit for up to 10 minutes. Rinse well. To help keep coat healthy without RW, just use as you would any other cat shampoo.

This cat shampoo has wonderful benefits

  • Helps stimulate coat growth
  • Anti bacterial
  • Anti fungal cat shampoo
  • Clarifies
  • Moisturizing
  • Anti-Residue Formula
  • Low lather- easier to rinse! Less drying

It's the perfect cat shampoo to use for your cat show bath as well as the bath at home, in between shows. It will help you keep fungus off your cats at the show and help prevent and treat as well!

Cat Grooming Supplies for the humans, Groomer Products

dark coffee soap pet urine remover  anna breeder groomer soap

Dark Coffee Soap - (left) Made to remove the scent of onion fish, and garlic off your hands. Great to keep in the Kitchen! Made with the power to removes pet urine from fabric such as pillows- sofa cushions etc.)Has a wonderful Vanilla Chocolate Coffee scent! This is our heavy duty Dark Coffee soap! Contains fresh brewed Vanilla beans, coffee butters and coffee essential oils. Yum! Check out these articles: Scent Marking and Odor Removal.

CB Groomer Bar Soap - (right) A Breeders Dream bar! Great to use to keep you from re-infecting your kitties through touching them. With 2% chlorhexiderm, antiseptic, anti microbial, for anti fungal / viral / bacterial purposes, This fancy soap bar has everything to keep you clean and safe, and to help keep your pets clean too! No more worry of passing nasty germs around from one to another.


Visit Castle Baths for the full line of Cat Grooming Supplies and all of the wonderful human bath and body goodies!

CB Introduces: Anna, Our designer Pet Line for both your dog and cat


CB's Anna Line is designed to be used by either cat or dog-
pH balanced! Natural and with organic ingredients.



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