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Cat Grooming Supplies by Castle Baths - Anna Designer Pet Line - Best tear stain removal products.

Anna Pet Line, created for both cat or dog. Most of the Anna Cat Grooming Supplies can be found here. This page will teach you the main reasons to use each of our cat shampoos, our tear stain trio, and our soaps for humans.

anna designer pet cat shampoo

Get a Beautiful Shiny Coat with our Healthy Coat Cat Shampoo,
and other cat grooming supplies!

anna designer pet cat shampoo

Are you looking for that wonderful Persian coat on your cat? Here's a cat shampoo product that will help grow that coat. I have been using this natural organic blend of cat shampoo (my very own recipe and creation) on my Persian show cats and cattery cats for years.

Persian Cat bath with Anna Cat Shampoo


"It's the best cat shampoo I've ever used . . . works great for dogs, too!" --one Happy Customer

Anna cat shampoo line

CLEAN UP FOR COMPANY. . . OR THE CAT SHOW! Use Anna Designer Cat Grooming Supplies! from...
castle bath shampoo for cats

Cat Grooming Supplies - Cat Shampoo and Conditioners:

Please Note: If you are using this cat shampoo to help rid Ringworm- we suggest you use the shampoo full strength on spots and leave it sit for up to 10 minutes. If you are using this Anna Cat shampoo to keep Ringworm at bay- based on having it and now gone v's coming back from a show- still use full Strength and leave sit for up to 10 minutes- rinse well. To help keep coat healthy without RW - just use as you would any other cat shampoo - best if used as the last shampoo- and rinse well.

This cat shampoo has wonderful benefits: -

  • Helps stimulate coat growth
  • Anti bacterial
  • Anti fungal cat shampoo
  • Clarify
  • Moisturizing
  • Anti-Residue Formula
  • Low lather- easier to rinse! Less drying

It's the perfect cat shampoo to use for your cat show bath as well as the bath at home, in between shows. It will help you keep fungus off your cats at the show and help prevent and treat as well!


 "CB Almond Oatmeal Honey Shampoo" pH Balancing Cat Shampoo- Restores volume and leaves coat healthy, shiny and supple. . Honey, Oatmeal and Sweet Almond -soothes, softens and heals dry skin and coat. Use full strength or diluted.

Colloidal, volumizing Oatmeal shampoo, all-organic colloidal cream coat cleanser
In STOCK- BUY now! ( not tearless)

 "Healthy Coat" pH Balancing Conditioner
…with lemongrass and lavender! It's deliciously scented and nutritional to your feline's fur and skin. All-over bliss!


Tear Stain removal: from Anna Cat Grooming Supplies

Are you tired of tear stained faces and fur? Try our Face Grooming products! You'll simply be amazed with the speedy and fast results! Breeder Developed - Breeder Recommended!

 "Healthy Coat" pH Balancing Face Tear Stain Removal Shampoo = "Comfort and Joy" Many Breeders have found this shampoo to be the best all over body and coat shampoo- especially for the short hair breeds!

"Healthy Coat" pH Balancing Face Tear Stain Removal Shampoo, good used as a body shampoo too! Completely tearless. Will remove up to 90-95% of stain in the first use. Perfect Stain removal solution.

How did you ever live without it?

HC tearless face shampoo can spruce up your kitten's mittens or sponge-wash her whiskers in a jiff! Long-lasting-you'll use just a drop and foam up to a safe lather . . .

Face Tear Stain Removal Shampoo! TEARLESS

"My last order was for the face wash and it is incredible! It worked so fast I couldn't believe it.... the face wash is truly great. " --Erin of Sunoptics Prismatic Skylights

  CB Face Wash - The more you use CB's Anna Face Wash- the brighter you'll become. Use daily where tear stain removal is desired. Apply on dry coat- no rinsing required. Use as often as desired. No refrigeration needed! We've been told- this is the BEST tear stain removal on the market.


Anna Designer Pet Line - grooming Powder

CB Anna Face Powder - The Perfect Solution for tear stain removal. Simply apply to dry coat to cover stains while helping to lift them away- one layer at a time.

CB Face Powder COMPLETELY NATURAL- Contains peroxide LIKE product in a powder form ( made with all natural herbal powders), which helps lighten stains and adds oxygen back into the fur. For best results, shake closed powder container before each use and apply to clean, dry fur. Yes, the powder is with a peroxide like ingredient- but don't worry- this is for oxidation not actual bleaching like liquid and normal peroxide. Completely safe and will not cause a problem with re staining. Anna Designer Line - the Best Cat Grooming Supplies and Tear Stain removal products!


Cat Grooming Supplies for the humans, Groomer Products

Dark Coffee Soap - made to remove the scent of onion fish, and garlic off your hands. Great to keep in the Kitchen! Made with the power to removes pet urine from fabric such as pillows- sofa cushions etc.)Has a wonderful Vanilla Chocolate Coffee scent! This is our heavy duty Dark Coffee soap! Contains fresh brewed Vanilla beans, coffee butters and coffee essential oils. Yum! Check out these articles: Scent Marking and Odor Removal.


CB Groomer Bar Soap - A Breeders Dream bar! Great to use to keep you from re infecting.

Groomer soap! new (with 2% chlorhexiderm, antiseptic, anti microbial, for fungal/ viral/ bacterial) This fancy soap bar has everything to keep you clean and safe, and to help keep your pets clean too! No more worry of passing nasty germs around from one to another.


Visit Castle Baths for the full line of Cat Grooming Supplies and all of the wonderful human bath and body goodies!

CB Introduces: Anna, Our designer Pet Line for both your
dog and cat


CB's Anna Line is designed to be used by either cat or dog-
pH balanced! Natural and with organic ingredients.

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