Disinfecting Groomers Breeder Bar- for HUMANS- Anna Designer Natural Pet

groomer cat breeder bar

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Protect your Prized Persians from the germs on your hands with this Breeder Bar Soap for humans. Making sure your own hands are clean before you handle your cats is the first step to keeping them healthy and beautiful. Remember, this bar of natural soap is FOR HUMANS, NOT FOR CATS.

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Keep germs at bay when you disinfect your hands with this handmade bar of natural soap from Castle Baths.

  • Keep your hands clean of the bacteria and other germs that are easily passed from humans to cats from cat to cat
  • Made from the essential oil of the tea tree for natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties
  • Small size that fits comfortably in your hand - great for taking on the road to shows

Customer Reviews

love my cat Review by Giulia
We have 2 semi adult cats and 3 kittens here at our workplace. We all love them and feed them regularly. Because they are strays I worry about taking home germs from them to my own cat, George. George is a big Garfield cat and he is so smart. I bought this bar of soap to use since antibacterial soaps are now known as unsafe with that cancer stuff. Looking forward to using this soap at both the office and at home. (Posted on 9/4/2012)
Smells wonderful Review by Xaria
as a breeder i am concern with going from one litter to the next with my babies and always having to wash my hands. this bar of soap is conditioning and not hard on my hands and yet it keeps me germ free. i love it!. (Posted on 7/28/2012)

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