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Bicolor Breeder, Author- Laura Thomas

Laura, at an Awards Banquet, Summer of 2005, holding the DM trophy for GRC Purrinlot's Seven of Nine, DM. a.k.a. Seven. Seven was an incredible cat of Laura's breeding and from her orginal foundation pair Judge an Marquer, Seven had 9 Grands, and was Laura's first final as an open. She produced two National winners and two odd-eye kittens, including the world's first odd-eye Grand a.k.a. Jacob.

 The Castle of Purrinlot Persian Cattery and Laura Thomas

Most Persian Cat Breeders know me, Laura Thomas, or have at least heard of the Purrinlot Cattery - I think. :-) However, the rest of the world may not have a clue as to who Laura Thomas is. Therefore, I hope to help share a little background to you about myself. Visit each link to discover my full story.

 First and foremost, I'm a Christian!

Laura as a Christian

It is my great desire to share the Lord with all and to help bring in the kingdom of God. I have written several articles and a personal testimony on my faith, which can all be found by clicking the "Laura as a Christian" link above.

Laura as a retired Persian Cat Breeder

Purrinlot Persians is the foundation cattery world wide for the blue-eyed, odd-eyed, and green-eye bicolor Persian. Purrinlot made history twice in CFA by Producing and Granding CFA's first Odd Eye bicolor Persian, and the first Blue Eye Bicolor Persian cat. Here is her blue, odd, green eye bicolor program.

Laura as an Author

I have authored 5 E-Books and one published book, How to Have Purr-fect Faith, even at a cat show. (Abiding Books 2004) and multiple articles.

Promoting How to Have Purr-fect Faith, even at a cat show is an ongoing step in my pilgrimage of sharing my faith. Grounding my story in Scripture, and using examples from the lives of ordinary people in the Bible, my autobiographical treatise on faith shows readers how to draw closer to God and make Him their best friend. God wants to be a part of everything you do, wherever you are. Even at a cat show.

Laura as an Entrepreneur

It all started at a cat show in Richmond, Virginia, in 2005, where I, Persian breeder Laura Thomas, got the divine call to create sensational "products with a purpose" for my animals and for people too.

I started with an all-organic pet care shampoo, soap, and soak line that soon had the pet-loving public beating a pathway to Purrinlot, which was now pulling double-duty as both my personal cat breeding site and my online storefront for my new products. Castle Baths "People products" naturally followed. Like the travel-size salts, lotions, and splashes available at, it looks like this body and soul-cleansing concept and its creator are going places!

Growing With Time

Over the years, I have worked on building the Purrinlot site to be the most informative and enjoyable cat site possible, packed full of directories and entertaining content that will keep you coming back for more!

However, it doesn't contain everything! I only included what I know, based on actual hands-on experiences and learning. I am self-taught for the Internet and web building, and my degree is in Theology. But as with time, The Castle of Purrinlot will continue to GROW!

Today I run my own online Marketing Firm and specialize with helping business grow and succeed online, especially those in the spa and or pet industry. Drop me an email if you're interested in chatting with me to help grow your online business. I help catteries, business, people who are just thinking about starting, and those already established. And I'm priced fairer than fair!



"Persian Cats are my joy! The Lord is my God!
Purrinlot is a journey combining my faith with my joy:-)", Laura Thomas



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