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An Inspirational Book

Laura Thomas is a world-renown, national championship-winning cat breeder. But more impressive than that, she is a woman of faith, one who expresses her strong relationship with God in everything she does and wherever she goes, encouraging others and restoring their own faith along the way.

For anyone who thinks the life of a Christian is boring, Laura's story will correct that misconception. Written with her unique combination of humor and deep faith, How to Have Purr-fect Faith . . . Even at a Cat Show (Abiding Books, 2004) brings alive the adventures that come with taking your beliefs seriously.

About Author Laura Thomas

Growing up, Laura says, she "had no clue who God was." As a divorced teenage mother and a survivor of abuse, she worked three jobs to pay the bills. When she remarried, her family's first home was a chicken coop converted into a mobile home. Then one evening while Laura was washing the dishes with the television on in another room, the words of a gentleman on "The 700 Club" caught her attention. With a lump in her throat, she prayed aloud for Jesus to save her from her sins.

For the first three and a half years of her Christian walk, Laura and her family struggled with financial and health problems, yet it was also a time of spiritual renewal. After her daughter, Racheal, suffered a nearly fatal seizure, a pastor prayed for her and she was healed. It was then, Laura says, that "my faith in prayer became the foundation of my walk with God."

At the same time, her mother was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, and her dearest cat, a Turkish Van, had a stroke. But God gave Laura a dream to cope with these two devastating events: She would found her own cattery and dedicate it to the glory of God. Soon she realized that God was affirming her desire to run a cat in her first national campaign. That campaign is the subject of How to Have Purr-fect Faith.

The book describes how Laura issues a special invitation to the Lord to attend cat shows. "I got a reputation as the 'religious' cat exhibitor," she says. "Nevertheless, I was accepted and respected because, although I didn't push my views on anyone, I always stood my ground." Her invitation has never been in vain: God has always shown up. "It is amazing how you literally change into a new creation when God lives in you," Laura says. "In one way or another, I share my faith with every soul I come in contact with."

Promoting her book is the latest step in Laura's pilgrimage of sharing her faith. Grounding her story in Scripture, and using examples from the lives of ordinary people in the Bible, Laura shows readers and audiences how to draw closer to God and make Him their best friend. Laura's message, in her book as well as in her life, is clear: God wants to be a part of everything you do, wherever you are. Even at a cat show.

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