Cat nail clipping made easy

I will show you how to make cat nail clipping easy, If you will let me:-)

Once difficult, now even easier.


cat nail clipping

By using this neat cat nail clipping tool- you will find cutting your cat nails an ease. These clippers cut and work like using scissors to cut paper. They are curved to allow you to get closer to the nail quick without worrying about your bulky hands getting in the eyes way.

cat nail clipping

Even the interior blade on this cat nail clipping tool is round and shaped to match your cats nails- making it easier on the cat too! let pain cutting by the shape rather than sawing straight.

See the problem is more with the tool when it comes to cat nail clipping, than the cat not wanting to let you cut- a normal clipper or dog clipper is straight or has a hole marked in the center- to get the cat to behave himself long enough to insert a nail tip into a hole is quite impossible- but to clip like with scissors is pretty darn quick- and easy:-)

cat nail clipping

First- take the cats paw, and with your fingers- find the nail- then push the nail outward slightly to locate it with ease to cut. Remember only cut the nail- not the quick- the quick is where the blood is - and that part of the nail is not a white shade.

cat nail clipping

Next- open up the cat nail clipping tool and simply place the clipper around the extended nail- the part that is white only- not the clear part.

cat nail clipping

Now, Close the tool and "ta da" ...the nail is cut- quick, easy and painlessly- just like cutting your own nails.

When it comes to cat nail clipping- keep in mind these tips:

  1. Front paws contain 5 nails each.
  2. Back paws contain 4 nails each.
  3. Front nails grow faster than back nails- twice as fast.
  4. Outdoor cats and cats with cat trees still need their nails clipped. Yes the concret helps keep them down outside- yet they still need trimmed.
  5. If you don't trim nails- you may end up with an ingrown and sore nail- ouch- that is very painful! Please stay on top of your cat nail clipping!

Keeping the cat nails clipped helps avoid scratched skin- both yours and your cats skin. It also helps save on future and carpets. And if you think simply de clawing is easier than cutting their nails- think twice! De clawing can cause potty issues over time and by the way- when you de claw do you realize you are cutting off your cats knuckles???

Please cut your kitties nails and buy a good rope scratching post for the kitty to enjoy! If you need these clippers- and place an order with us- please note in the memo and we will email you about adding these to your order. We don't actually cary the cat nail clipping tool- but can pick one up for you at our local breeder stool and add to any order you get from us. Use our contact page for questions.


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