Cat Grooming Problems: Cat Fur Mess, Cat Hair Knots, Cat Mats! No need to shave that lion cut!

I will show you how to solve these cat grooming problems, If you will let me.

Once difficult, now easy.

After grooming Longhair cats for over a decade, I feel the number one cat grooming problem is a combination of the knots, the nails, and stud tail vs grease.

Yet all three of these cat grooming problems tie in together, causing each grooming problem to manifest at its very worst.

It's like getting hit three times at once. Grease made from the oils that secret from the cat's body cause the skin to itch. When the cat itches, he/she use his/her nails to scratch. The grease within the skin is also in the coat (fur) and so, by simply scratching, the cat will creating knots and big massive matts. Some areas of the cat's body tends to hold and make grease faster than other areas, such as inside leg areas (arm pits), the tail, and behind the ears.

Because the ears are easy to comb and contain normally shorter fur, this area isn't a big cat grooming problem like stud tail or armpits.

Let's get started with a few pictures and simple steps on grooming some of the problem areas.

I've set cat grooming problems mini quick course into 3 parts:

  1. Combing / Brushing the coat in general
  2. Stud Tail and other grease pits
  3. Nail clipping made easy


Top two tools needed for longhair and Persian cats

A greyhound comb and a soft pin brush (with no tips on the ends)


Use either a brush or a comb for the topside of the body. Both work fine.

cat brushcomb persian fur


From the topside looking at this kitty, her coat looks pretty good and one may believe she only needs a combing and all is well.

But to flip her over and see her underside fur. It tells a new story. She has some major cat fur problems going on and needs a good pet grooming. See all the curls! This This view shows the underside of her back legs, where knots are usually started first and are the worst.

Those curls represent grease forming. It doesn't take long for the curls to turn into major knots and even full fledged mats (like a sheep's wool skin rug.) These curls are a sign it is time to bathe the cat in order to save yourself a trip to be shaved.

persian cat fur

Why a cat bath? Because a bath....

  1. helps promote new hair and fur growth

  2. reduces shedding

  3. makes you have to comb less often

  4. and reduces knots from forming!

But you MUST comb before the bath!

Use the comb for problem areas like between the legs, behind the legs, and especially the back legs, armpits and up under the chest. Use the brush or the comb for the topside.


cat back legscomb cat armpit

comb chestcat armpit knots


Next Nails! Cat nail clipping made easy

Cutting the nails can be very hard, or very simple. it depends on the actual tool you are using! We suggest you read this cat nail clipping article with these pictures to help you.

Go here to read our cat nail clipping article with pictures.

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Persian Cat bath with Anna Cat Shampoo


anna tips

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