Show Groom your Persian or Longhair Cat with this Persian Grooming DVD

It's easy to spot the winners. Learn to groom your persian form the experts!

It's Showtime- Ringside Edition. This new DVD will teach you everything you need to know and even what you didn't know you needed to know. . . brought to you through Castle Baths and Abiding Books Productions.

ringside edition dvd

It's Showtime- Ringside Edition DVD includes complete show grooming needs - tips, products, and tools, from start to finish, sharing the grooming secrets and many campaigners. When you are leaning how to show- you owe it to yourself to expect to learn more. Use this DVD for that finished show Persian look.

In this DVD I teach YOU

  • the proper products needed.
  • which tools to use for what.
  • and what other tools can help you have a more finished look.

When I first started showing Persians, my cat faces looked square and bushy. I didn't even realize it:-) Very few breeders were willing to help and share, and some of the ones "helping" me told me wrongful things as a way to stay a step ahead and get the win over my cats. Today, YOU don't have to go through this! My Grooming Video is help you learn the right way- the first time around.

This grooming video includes:

  • slow motion face sculpting for the entire head- cheeks and ears.
  • which show - ringside products work for what color coats.
  • how to fix stains- and tips on how to keep white faces white!

Learn how to keep white Persian cats white

(GC Purrinlot Lessons In Wisdom- sired by GC NW Purrinlot Arelikiss of Steppnstone)


White Persian kittens are the hardest to keep white! I share with you tips to help you keep your whites look the brightest, and what you should not do! My years experience can become your saving grace!

There are a few simple tricks that can be applied to turn a staining kitty into a beauty queen.

Persian DVD Grooming


ringside grooming dvdImage what your babies will soon look like- and the girl above is just a kitten!

  • I share my secrets on how to make your coat to it's fullest, just by simply doing a few little things before the ring! And how to make it shine bright, pure and refreshing! Nothing is more beautiful than a shiny healthy glowing coat that is flowing with bounce!
  • Nothing compares to hands on teaching, esp. when you can rewind over and over! Concerned about static- powders- need to worry- I will fill you in on all the ins and outs needed.
  • Ringside DVD is to teach you all those tips you need to be ready to present your kitty to the judge at at cat show. We suggest using these grooming tips after you have bathed your cat.


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by: Laura Thomas
DVD Ringside Edition- jam packed full of tips!


purr-fect bath dvdOrder today! Just $32.95, and have your show kitty look like a star!

Don't forget The Purr-fect Bath, Hollywood for Persians and Longhairs-
A must for all longhair owners.
Top seller- DVD Hollywood Version, Vol 1
This DVD goes hand in hand with Ringside.

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dvd Learn More about how to bathe a cat


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lookin good ebook


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