What color kitten will your Persian cats have- see below

Purrinlot's Color Charts

Actual plug in your cats color and sex Bi-color to Bi-color found below solids adn tabbies

If you have a solid and a bicolor, just add the word white to the breeding and use the chart below.
Please note, no silvers, smokes, shaded's or tabbies are within these charts. However, until the scripts are finished being written, for Silver, Shaded and Smokes, simply follow the charts and substitute correlating color as listed below. 

Use in both the solid and the bi-color charts listed

  • Chinchilla or Shaded Silver - Black
  • Shaded or Shell Cameo - Red
  • Shaded or Shell Tortoiseshell -Tortoiseshell
  • Chinchilla or Shaded Golden - Black
  • Shaded or Shell Cameo - Red
  • Shaded or Shell Tortoiseshell -Tortoiseshell
  • Blue Smoke - Blue
  • Black Smoke - Black
  • Cameo Smoke - Red
  • Smoke Tortoiseshell -Tortoiseshell
  • Blue-Cream Smoke -Blue/Cream

For Tabbies

  • Brown tabby - Black
  • Tortie tabby - Brown Patch
  • Blue/Cream tabby -Blue Patch
  • Calico or Tortie tabby with White - Brown Patch tabby and White
  • Dilute Calico tabby - Blue Patch tabby and White
  • For all other tabby colors add the word tabby
  • NOTE, all reds and creams look tabby, but only agouti red and cream tabbies are really tabbies

The chart below is for bi-color to bi-color only.

Select sire's color:

Select dam's color:

Here you can find out
what color kittens
you can expect from your bicolor cats.
Remember- True Vans always produce bicolor- never a solid.

baby boys colors:

baby girls colors:


Bi-color to bi-color should increase white for the most part. However a van or genetic van to a bi-color will not increase white, yet may decrease the amount of white in the offspring. In otherwords...just because one cat has a lot of white(the van), doesn't mean you are going to increase white in the breeding.

Van to Van will produce Vans

Bi-color to Bi-color will produce 25% solid, 50% bi-colors and 25% van.

In order to have a bi-color offspring, one or more parents must be a bi-color.

With white being dominate- you most always gets white


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