The Castle Of Purrinlot - Virtual Cattery Castle Tour

Welcome to the Foyer of Purrinlot.

Hi, my name is Laura, I'm the breeder for Purrinlot Cattery. I along with Kissy will be your guide and escort you to each room in our "Castle's Virtual Tour." I hope you find your visit both informative and enjoyable. Please view our castle in it's entirety and don't forget to have your Speakers turned on. We have many voices within our castle, and sometimes the cats like to talk too!

Purrinlot's Awards

We would be honored to share our Trophy Room where we have placed the awards won for this site.We hope to keep filling the room with lots of neat awards. If you feel this site is worthy to receive an award, please email us, we would love to hear about it! This room has lots of awards, so we will forewarn takes a little time to load fully.

Purrinlot's Nursery

The Purrinlot Nursery is where you can find a complete list of nursery supplies and helpful advice on hand-raising a litter. Here you will also find a Breeding Chart. This chart will set you up with what day you are planning a breeding verses what date the kittens can be expected to be born. A few insight notes about heat cycles and females can also be found in this room. Have fun.

Purrinlot has written out a few notes relating to bi-colors in the breeding program and has designed an online bi-color to bi-color color chart. Please visit this room if you are wondering what color kittens you may produce based on the parents' colors and the kittens' sex.

Purrinlot's Grooming Parlor

 Don't miss The Grooming Parlor where grooming and bathing help is offered. This page will not only help teach you how to groom like a professional, but also share how to remove those stains from under your Persian's eyes.

Purrinlot's Garden of Sound

Our kitties love to visit the Sunroom in the Courtyard Garden, which overlooks the garden's view. To the right of the royal garden and just before the exit is a hall which leads to The Garden Room. Make sure you view this and check out all the goodies. We turned our garden into a Garden of Sound rather than with veggies. The kitties don't really care for veggies anyhow, but they love to talk while enjoying the sun. This page sometimes takes a bit of time to download- but it is our most highly viewed- and please be certain to have your Speakers on!

MusicMusic Our Concert Hall is just east of this room. In the concert hall you will hear Pink Panther as the background music, and you may download other stereo feline music for your desktop!



Purrinlot's Chapel: Laura's Christian Faith

Christian PurrinlotIn addition from the garden is a link to my testimony, I'm a Christian "big time" and would love to share the Lord's words and what I believe as truth!! I also have "End Time Study" articles linked from that section known as the castle's Chapel. :-) You may also want to check out my spiritual memoir: How to Have Purr-fect Faith, even at a cat show, published in 2004.



Destiny's Playroom

A doorway on the left will lead you to Destiny's Playroom. Queen Destiny was once a kitten herself and she had lots of toys. Of course none of her toys are really in her playroom...but we hope you will find her nifty cat facts interesting and fun In case you are wondering who Destiny is...she was out first show cat we ever bought- today she is retired and enjoying a wonderful spoiled and pampered life.


wedding bells She's married!!! Her wedding plans are written in her diary:-) Take a peek at her diary if you are interested in her wedding arrangements, but shhhh...don't tell Destiny you read her diary! Then please notice the Game Room door in her Playroom for interactive enjoyment :-) And a word search prize is at the end of the trivia game....Test your Kitty IQ!


Purrinlot's Grand Champions & Crown Jewels

The Exquisite Gallery is next!! That's where we hung the royal family's portraits! Our Grands can be seen here:-)

Kitty Kitty Also our new arrival announcements are on our Brag Page...and we have lots of baby pictures to share. Our Babies are our "Crown Jewels" here at the Purrinlot Castle!


Advice on Adopting a Kitten / Setting up a Cattery

Once you have adopted a new kitten or if you are thinking about one, the Adopting Room offers some helpful advice for after the new baby goes home. There is also a note on how to look for a good breeder. This room is a very large one, so look out for all the advice you might find. <gg>

School House Our latest room is the School Room. In this room we share an article on helping to set up or reduce a cattery. This is a must for the newcomer:-) and a great helper for the breeder of many years.

Dear Mom You might want to see some letters written by the kitties once they left the Purrinlot Castle and found their new Homes! Visit Camp 97:-) Photos are included. :-)

Purrinlot Kitchen Some Purrinlot recipes for kitties can be found right before the Library inside the kitchen recipe box ! These just might be grandma's secrets! :-)


And so much more...


Within the East Wing Library you will find the most favorite links of most visitors. Lots of fun at the Castle of Purrinlot.

Kitty phone Another interesting room, is the Study. It includes phone numbers for supplies needed for cattery management, setups, and almost all of your operation needs. Lots of toll-free numbers. Try not to get lost in this phone book! <ha ha>

Down the hall east is Purrinlot's Office to help YOU design your own web site:-)

Kitty Happy And just left of the Office is the Grand Curtain Room . Some information about what show ribbons are all about is listed in this room.

kitty guide

Thank you for taking our Tour. Your virtual Tour Guide, Purrinlot Kissy Kitty and the rest of us at Purrinlot hope you have enjoyed the Virtual Tour! Please visit other areas of the Castle of Purrinlot and have a GREAT TIME! Be blessed and remember to live each day- one at a time and learn to LOVE life:-)