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Queen Destinys' Wedding Diary- Purrinlots' Foundation Start

wedding bells

Day one: Destiny's Diary of her Wedding Plans

phone kittyWe have been talking for several days, it was love at second site. We didn't see the look right away but then it hit us....oh how purrrfect we are for each other. He comes from such a Royal family Line. I am proud to have him call me his. Meowwww. Marianna Lange of Lankhara Cattery has accepted my Mommy's request for Wedding Plans To her Fabulous Boy Catillak Judgment Day Of Lankhara to come live in Purrinlot with Me! We call him Judge for Short.

Judge is a PurrFect Beauty, a Blue and White with lots of white, he looks very much like a van, only a little blue spot too much. He will Grand with ease and bring our children pedigrees to life. Oh I am so happy....I will dream of him until we get his flight arrangements together...then we will meet, nose to nose, ear rub to ear rub :-) He's coming in all the way from Texas!

The Next Several Days:

diamond ring Dear diary, It's official, I'm Going to Be MARRIED and I'm so much in love with my new love, Judge.... :-) We are now engaged, a short engagement I hope....I really am very excited about setting up my wedding. Marquer said she would be honored to be my Brides Maid!!! I wonder if this human ring will work on my paw....if not, I'll just adore it :-)

I ordered the show lace today for our wedding and it is the prettiest design. Can't wait till the photographer arrives for our pre-wed photos. Oh there's the door bell...better run!

flowers Dear diary, I just had my bath and I'm such a fluff...I wonder if Judge loves fluffs...Marquer, says not to worry he will love me anyway. Oh and the photo's weren't very good so I'll need to do them again....

bells Dear diary, I got a letter from Judge today...he's on his way!!!! He will be here in a few short weeks...but it will feel like a lifetime. Tick, Tick, Tick, I count the time.

paw Dear diary, Here is a sneak peek at my long awaited LOVE Judge! surprise When I came in today I found two pictures from Judge and on one was a blue heart of Love!!! Is this a sign:-) On his beautiful white coat he has a blue heart patch on his side...I bet it is just for me:-) Oh!! I need to run, and prepare the invitations and call my mother. She is so happy about Judge, just like me!! I wonder if she's told daddy yet?

cake Dear diary, I ordered the cake, French Salmon Kitty Delight, yummy...ummmm! I hope Judge agrees. I had a difficult time deciding on the flowers to top the cake and then it hit me....Peach, Peach flowers..that will match the salmon nicely.

Look what Mother dear gave me for our Wedding night, Oh how I wait and wait for Judge to arrive. Only two more weeks to go!!!! Isn't it soooo Pretty! And it matches the cake and flowers so Purrrfect:-)


Dear diary, I'm STRESSED!!!!! The days are ticking and I do hope all is JUST PURRRRfect when Judge arrives. Ok, I'm better now :-) I guess I just needed to share:-) Oh Sweet Judge please do hurry!!!

airplane Oh Dear Diary, I'm the most excited cat in the world!!!! Mommy just told daddy about Judge and my Wedding plans and he is Excited too!!!!, Oh meeeeow purrr purrr...I wait until that day arrives, purrrr Oct 16th!! It won't be long now:-) Mommy is making me a teddy for that special night to arrive. She said she would dress me and take my picture in it and then I'll share it with you:-) Oh what color should I tell her to make it....maybe pink will look pretty, or maybe cream to bring out the cream in my coat...Oh, there are so many things still to do!!! Better Run!

love heartDear Marianna, Can you pass this on to Judge? Tell him My heart is all His!!!!

cansDear Diary, Those silly human friends I live with tied cat food cans to the back of my carrier, heehee, (I'll soon be on my Honeymoon to the Kitty Island In Purrinlot's Kingdom) ....Meoooowwww, Oh Judge Baby is here..Gotta run and go... PUrrrRRRRRr, oh Judgie Dear, Meeeeeeoooowwww, Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...............

A note from the Kingdom Of Purrinlot!!!! We are happy to announce the Grand Wedding of CH Persmania's Destiny of Purrinlot and Purrinlot's New King... CH Catillak's Judgment Day of Purrinlot.

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