The Castle of Purrinlot Christmas Breakfast

Yes! Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham

Thank you for joining us for Christmas Breakfast, here is what is on the menu.

The Thomas Traditional Breakfast for each and every Christmas Morning.

We have made this delicious meal since the children first read Dr. Seuss, "Green Eggs and Ham" Above is bacon strips, ham, breakfast pizza, and the famous green eggs. Just add one or 2 drops of blue or green food color to the eggs and you can have your own green eggs and ham:-)

History: -For Christmas one year when the youngest child was learning to read, he received a collection of Dr Seuss books in which as we read the Green Eggs and Ham classic, I decided to start a Thomas tradition. I added a little food coloring to the eggs that year, pulled out some Christmas Eve Ham and served. From that Christmas on, our famous breakfast began. As I share this with friends...they all go "ewwwwwww, yukkkk". But here at the Thomas', we love and enjoy it.

Breakfast pizza's came later as the children began to grow up.

I take Thomas English Muffins, add sausage gravy, then the green eggs, pieces of bacon and a little cheese, heat in the over and serve. Everyone comes back for seconds and even thirds. These are our favorite:-)

The juice is fresh squeezed from the oranges we find in our stockings.

Every so often..I add french toast sprinkled in snow, actually it is confectionery sugar, yum!

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