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Learn Persian Grooming- and steps for a Persian Cat Bath

Grooming Persians: Giving a Persian Cat a Bath and Combing

Here is Laura's' Persian cat bath: Bathing your Persian is an easy job once you get the routine down. Your Kitty should most likely get a bath once per month if they have whats called a greasy coat, other wise every other month will do fine while you're not showing. BTW- you need a bath when you are starting to mat and or knot.

Step 1: Preparation

  • Prepare the area for what you will need- FIRST!
  • Then get your kitty:-)

anna tips

An Anna Tip: cat tips are found all throughout our site: "Do NOT use hydrogen peroxide, Gold Bond, Oxi-Clean, or toothpaste cleaners to remove tear-stains! These products are not only unsafe for use on animals, but also make the stain harder to clean up".

Step 2: Clip Nails

Its smarter than you think to either clip nails before you bathe than after. However,  you can clip an experienced kitty at the end of the bath when the nails are soft from the bath water.


Step 3: Washing Your Kitty

  1. I prefer to bathe cats in the sink. Here are the steps I take when bathing my kitties.
  2. Fill up one side of the sink with a soapy water of the preferred shampoo (like you make up to wash the dishes).
  3. Place the cat in the sink of water and pour the water over the cat with a cup.
  4. Don't literally pour the shampoo on the cat (Mix up a water/shampoo solution like you would for washing dishes. Then pour the soapy water over the cat.) It is almost impossible to rinse undiluted shampoo out of a Persian's fur without practice.
  5. Do this until the cat has had the water poured over enough to be cleaned.
  6. Fill the other sink with clean water and transfer kitty to the rinse water.
  7. Pour the clean water over him with the cup until you feel the shampoo is removed.
  8. Then repeat the rinse cycle back in the other sink.
  9. Now for a third and final rinse...drain all water and pour fresh running water over the kitty.
  10. Make certain you get the underside rinsed good, too. :-)


For more grooming help, see our Grooming Help page or check out our free Grooming 101 E-Course.

Step 4: Drying Your Kitty

  • Squeeze out excess water from the coat
  • Pat dry, towel dry the face, wrap the cat in a towel and move to the drying area.
  • With a Metro dryer, there is no need to comb until you have completely dried the cat...the dryer blows the hair out very nicely.


Blow-dry carefully, not allowing the cat to be burned. Move that dryer and don't leave it sitting aimed at one spot of the gets hot! For Persians, my favorite dryer is (Air Force Commander 2-Speed Dryer 4.0 HP Motor S .) You really don't need anything stronger than the lowest 1 horsepower speed. It blows the water off the coat with nice cool air. This also helps not dry the skin quite as bad as the hand-held dryers and it dries the coat in half the time.

Once a cat has been bathed, make sure the eyes do not have any soap in them. Flush or rinse them with an approved eyewash such as Tomlyn Opticlear (Tomlyn Opticlear Eye Wash 4oz.) If an eye drop is needed, I suggest Systane Ultra Eye Drops, Lubricant, High Performance (.33fl oz 10 ml) . Do not use anything that says it gets the red out.


A clean cat is a happy cat!

Ok, how about grooming a Persian kitten? I actually use the above bath to bathe my kittens from 3 weeks of age. Just make certain to not get water in the ears and dry 100% to keep the cat from catching a cold!

Learn a visual step by step bath with our Baths DVD.

To learn how to solve a few of the main cat grooming problems, read these articles. The comb section, nail clipping tutor and cat stud tail help with pictures.


Where to Find More Information on Persian Cat Baths and Grooming:

Laura Thomas' Hollywood Purr-fect Bath DVD is useful if you are interested to know more about grooming Persian cats, including giving Persian cat baths and her Ringside Edition for actual grooming and combing. Laura's DVD has step-by-step instructions on how to do this and you can watch the DVD as many times as you need.More Steps for the Persian Cat Bath.


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