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Cat Supplies for Persian cats and other longhair beauties! How to Tutorials of Cat Grooming from Purrinlot Persians

Enjoy, learn and shop; Anna Natural Pet Cat Supplies for Grooming Persian Cats, Persian Kittens, and Other Longhair beauties.


Today. Top Persian Breeder Laura Thomas, shares her cat grooming tips and her designer pet product line- Anna from Castle Baths.

Pictured above: GC Purrinlot Anna's Gift- world first blue eye bi-color Persian Grand! Along side the incredible designer Anna Natural Pet line named after her- available here at Purrinlot, and just a few of Laura's Trophies..

Breeder, Laura Dilley Thomas is known for recreating the Bi-color Persian Cat - with beautiful, sparkling Blue, Green and unique Odd Eyes.

After almost 2 decades of showing to top national levels and breeding the most unique bi-colors, she developed the Anna Designer Natural Pet Line; this natural pet line is available alongside luxury spa items for humans in her spa and bath shop,


Mission:  Our Anna Natural Pet Line: the top choice - Breeder Preferred, Veterinary Referred for Natural Cat Supplies.  Grooming Persian Cats, Kittens & Other Longhair beauties to Perfection while keeping them safe from toxins..

Our #1 Top seller!

Anna Designer Pet Extended DVD
and Pet Shampoo Special


  • Hollywood Grooming DVD- The Purr-fect Bath for Persians & Other Longhairs
  • Ringside Grooming DVD- how to groom after the bath and prepare for a show!
  • CB Anna Shampoo Trio (12 oz pH Healthy Coat shampoo, 12 oz conditioner, 4 oz face shampoo)
  • Original Bath DVD - Hollywood with more content
  • Purrinlot e-book- Lookin Good - a complete how to groom guide & remove stain faces 




Cat Breeder Award

"Thanks for sharing your passion with such detailed information. I can't think of anything your web site is lacking. It is especially refreshing to read and know that you are a spiritual woman and are proud to weave that message into your business.
God bless you,
" --Erin, Neala Kitty and Blue Kitty


Purrinlot Offers a full online cat grooming schooll free resource for cats, and we teach a lot about cat baths, to include understanding stud tail and chin acne. Purrinlot is the only place where you'll find products, researched articles, free advice and DVD's  to help you with your actual Persian needs. Everything here was designed and created by Laura herself, from her years of experience showing and breeding Persian cats.