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Cat Conditioner and Cat Shampoo trio


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If you want you pet to shine as bright and clean as a professional- the Anna natural pet product line is for you! Breeder Developed, Breeder Referred and Breeder Preferred! A trio of Shampoo and conditioner made especially for your kitty in the show ring or out. The Shampoo Trio Gift Special contains:

  • 12 oz pH Healthy Coat Shampoo
  • 12 oz pH Healthy Coat Conditioner
  • 4 oz pH face shampoo- tearless

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Looking for the perfect cat bath? Get all three of our most popular shampoos and condition with this Cat Shampoo Trio

Cats can clean themselves quite well, but there are some advantages to giving your cat a bath with shampoo now and then, to include reducing shedding & hairballs, keeping fur from becoming matted, and washing away the saliva-based allergen that builds up on fur from self-cleaning and can cause allergic reactions in humans.

  • Great for all coats types
  • Perfect for all Coat colors, even whites.
  • Safe for adults and kittens
  • Leaves coat soft, silky, and clean
  • Only a dime size of conditioner is normally needed.
  • Shampoo can be used full strength or diluted.

Please note, rinsing is required.bath, rebath, condition, rinse and rinse again. Sometimes a third rinse can help with extra bounce if you over used the product. Laura's favorite thing to share is, rinse a cat coat like you want to grow a tree, water grows trees, water grows a healthy coat.


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