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Persian Grooming 101 School E-Course: Lesson 1

Our first class consists of tools of the trade - essential grooming tools

International award-winning Purrinlot Persian cat breeder Laura Thomas discusses some essential grooming tools of the trade you will need if you are serious about breeding and/or showing your Persian cats in this FREE online Persian cat grooming 101 course. We have set up seven grooming classes in this grooming e-course to help you learn as much as possible, fast and easy! Enjoy!

We've partnered with Amazon to bring you all the tools you will need, so this lesson doubles as a buying guide, and we've done our best to include all prime whenever available. Clicking on each link or image will take you to the product's Amazon page.

Overview: the tools of the trade


The most important grooming tools will be your combs!! Here are three most important combs and their uses.

    • A 7 1/2 inch wide-tooth Greyhound comb (Geib Stainless Steel Greyhound Comb, 7.5-Inch ) will likely be your main staple of pro Persian grooming. Use the wide side of the teeth for basic combing. Comb all the way down to the skin and never tug and pull. Instead use gentle strokes to pull and de-mat a knot. Use this comb over the entire body and ruff. Treat the tail as gold and comb it with extra care. Always only use the wide teeth end on the tail- never use the narrow side on the tail! If you are showing and are preparing for a ring- Add a little bayrum spay to the comb to help reduce static and increase volume.
    • You can use the side of the comb with the smaller teeth to grab at small knots and to help remove them....
    • I like to use a smaller version wide-tooth comb for the butt area and leg undersides (Master Grooming Tools Steel Ultimate Coarse Pet Comb with Wooden Handle, 9-1/2-Inch .) It works great for when the kitty goes to the box and yet some of those little balls that seem to magically land right in his or her fur... this comb helps remove the excess and litter without ripping the coat.
    • A very fine-tooth small comb is needed for the face and the bottom of the feet. When shopping, this comb is sometimes called a flea comb (4.5" Medium / Fine Dog Comb .) Use this comb to help comb gunk and strain loose fur from the face and eyes. Never use this comb on the body!


  • Get yourself a nice soft slicker brush (Millers Forge Stainless Steel Pins Designer Series Soft Slicker Pet Grooming Brush, Small ) while you are shopping for your tools. This brush will help remove the dead coat while not stripping the live coat. If you are showing, use this brush during the bath drying process to help remove the kitten coat and allow the adult coat to grow in faster, stronger, and with more length.
  • A pin brush (Chris Christensen Fusion Pocket Pin Brush-20mm ) is wonderful for picking up the coat. Make sure you do not buy one with end tips. . . those little round tipped ends actually will pull the coat. Your goal is to lift the coat, not remove it. :-) cat supply pin brush

Scissors and Clippers

      • Don't forget a set of nail clippers (Millers Forge Cat Claw Scissor, 3-Inch) I prefer to use the ones called bird clippers and/or cat clippers. They look like a pair of mini scissors. This clipper makes clipping the nail much easier than the nail clippers used on humans or dogs. Simply hold the kitty's paw, express the nail outward, and clip the clear part of the nail with the scissors. Never clip the white part. This is the quick and will bleed. If you happen to clip the quick, try to stop the bleeding, perhaps blot it with a clean warm towel and then try adding a little corn starch powder to blot. If it continues to bleed badly, call the vet. Most vets offer the clipping service for the cats for a very small fee. My vet charges $5.00 per cat. This is a better alliterative to declawing.
      • A small, blunt pair of curved scissors (Dubl Duck Stainless Steel Ear/Nose Curved Pet Grooming Shears, 4-Inch ) is needed for a complete, finished look. Use the scissors to trim the top eyelashes off the top of each eye. Never trim the bottom lashes. A complete, slow motion demonstration of this is shown on the Ringside DVD if you are interested in a visual lesson on trimming. You can find the Ringside DVD and others at



Before any bath is started, make certain to completely comb your kitty from head to tail. Otherwise, the bath will create major knots and your poor kitty's coat will be worse after the bath than it was before the bath.

Check out the show grooming box for more information on these tools of the trade.

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