Cat Grooming: Persian Coat Care- removing the junk from the coat!

Persian Grooming 101 School E-Course: Lesson 4

Getting the gunk out of your Persian coat


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International award-winning breeder of Purrinlot Persian cats Laura Thomas teaches you how to get the gunk out of your Persian coat in this FREE online Persian cat grooming 101 course. In Lesson 3 Laura discussed how and when to use conditioner on your cat's fur to prevent knots and mats, and which types to buy. Now it's time to talk about all the other "gunk" that can get into your Persian's coat. Lesson 4 will cover some of the most common types of gunk and the proper and safe way to care for your Persian if he/she gets exposed to any of these sources.

Overview: save your kitty from premature retirement

Over the years, things have happened to my show coats that meant I had to really get smart or retire my show cat. In this class I will hopefully be able to help you save yourself and your show kitty from being retired prematurely due to gunk in the fur.

Types of gunk that can get into your cat's fur

Kitten coat blowing! When this stuff starts blowing, (blowing is a another word for shedding except it sheds much heavier) it can actually dry in the adult coat looking like a HUGE spider web. If this happens, kiss the coat good bye.A way to help prevent this from happening is to make certain to brush the coat while drying it with a slicker brush. Your adult coat will not grow properly until the entire kitten coat is removed. The kitten coat at this point is nothing more than dead fur, and there is no room for dead fur on a healthy cat. Now, I only brush and/or comb the coat while I am drying while this stage is going on. At all other times I comb, then bathe, then fully dry ,and then comb again. Don't over-brush and do brush gently. Watch for areas between the legs, front, chest, and arm pits. You might need a comb in the armpits.

Burrs and needles from plants. Your cat can get most of the burrs out of their fur by themselves but you might find this tip helpful. Try spraying or applying a little olive oil over the burr and then gently removing each one.

Fleas. Normally a bath in dawn dish soap and warm water will pretty much cause most of the fleas to fall off the cat. Once the cat is dried, you might want to consider a flea protector. One suggestion is Advantage (Advantage Flea Control for Cats 5-9 lbs 4 Month Supply.) This product is not natural but it works very good. Talk to your vet about it. For ticks, call your vet.

Paint, oil or tar. Wash your cat ASAP in Dawn full strength. Make sure the kitty doesn't lick any of the paint, oil, or tar, and if you notice any thing off, call your vet. If you suspect they ingested any of this, call the vet first because cats are highly sensitive to petroleum-based products.

Ink.This one happened to me. I had a beautiful white show female that played with my pen and bit it right where it counted, causing her to have a blue mouth. I washed, I tried the 3% peroxide and I even tried my recipe for removing skunk spray. I must admit, most of it came off, but because of the location and the fact she was a solid white cat she was retired. If this would have been on a paw, she could have completed her Grand.

Skunk. Hopefully your show kitty never is outdoors, but how about the stray that adopted you or your doggie. My solution for skunk is 32 oz of 3% hydrogen peroxide and 1/4 cup of baking soda. Place your kitty in a sink of soapy water and pour solution in slowly. This is going to foam! Keep out of kitty's eyes as you scoop this over kitty and allow to sit for a few minutes. Next bathe the kitty and rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar diluted to 1/4 cup to 1 gallon minimum of lukewarm water. Wash, rinse, and dry as normal. Never store or keep this mixture. It will explode! Mixed and used fresh, it is perfectly safe. :-)

Ash. Fireplace ash is a major mess. First, comb out as much of the ash possible with a brush. Next, try a good degreasing bath and use the Healthy Coat Shampoo full strength. If this doesn't take the discoloration completely out, make the goop shampoo solution shared in lesson 2, and add a few tablespoons of baking soda to it. Rewash, rinse and dry.

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Gum. Peanut butter seems to do a nice job for this one. Simply rub the hair shafts with the peanut butter and hope it loosens the gum and allows you to pull it off. Sometimes clipping is required.

Blood. Use 3% Hydrogen Peroxide where the blood has left a stain. Simple. :-)

A darker coat Sometimes a cat's coat will darken due to heat, shaving, and/or hormones. Try mixing up this recipe: In a quart container add:

  • 4 oz of lemon juice
  • 8 oz of water
  • 2 oz of Joy dish detergent
  • and 1/4 cup of baking soda (add last)


Pour this over the cat's backside before the bath begins and allow the cat to sit for 10 minutes with this mixture. When adding the baking soda, it will foam, so be prepared. :-) Then wash your kitty and dry as normal. This might need to be repeated several times. I use this on solid creams and blues. it really helps lighten the coat. NOTE: do not use this on a tabby. It will strip the beauty of the defined darken tabby bars.

If you have any get the gunk out tips, please email me so I can add them to this class. Thanks!

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