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Healthy Coat Cat Shampoo


The Healthy Coat pH natural cat shampoo was first developed by award-winning Persian cat breeder Laura Thomas for use on her own cats. Laura had a line that had some excessive grease in the early days, especially during hormonal periods. Now that she has retired from actively breeding Persians, she offers tips, tricks, and her formerly secret recipes for show quality fur like this one to fellow breeders and cat enthusiasts.

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Conditioning, Degreasing - Cat Shampoo

Formulated by Purrinlot Persian breeder Laura Thomas, the Healthy Coat pH Cat Shampoo is a great degreasing shampoo. This shampoo is ideal for dilute colors, oily and greasy fur, and cotton and silk coats whether you choose to use it as a degreaser or after degreasing as a general maintenance cat shampoo.

  • Removes grease without stripping natural oils so fur stains clean AND soft!
  • Helps fur look and feel fluffier and shinier - something cat show judges will certainly look for
  • Enhances coat growth in cotton and silk coats
  • The most ideal Anna shampoo to use if fungal and skin issues are present
  • Ideal for all fur colors, especially dilutes
  • A great degreasing shampoo- yet conditions the skin to keep it in nice health.

Unlike human hair, which grows continually, cat fur grows in spurts. If you manage to time your bath to coincide with a cycle, it will help the new fur come in super soft. But that doesn’t always happen. If your cat feels greasy, they need a bath. If they smell, they need a bath.

This shampoo was formualted to help triger hair growth cycles.

Additional features:

  • Made with our proprietary lavender lemongrass herb hydrosol blend for a fresh, clean scent and incredible cleansing action
  • Made entirely without toxins - no chemicals or detergents!
  • Also available in a 32 oz size

Some background, the Healthy Coat pH shampoo was originally developed for a line of Persians who seem to have the greasiest of coats, 24 hours after a bath, we needed to rebath- then pH Healthy Coat was Born!!

Customer Reviews

easy to use Review by Sammy
cleans great and rinses easy. smells good too.. (Posted on 6/19/2018)
Outstanding Review by Paula
I have two dogs that love getting messy outside. This always makes their coat shine. (Posted on 7/21/2013)

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