Kitten Blog- 30 days in a Persian Breeders' Life

The first 30 days

newborn persian kitten

Day 1
6/4/05 12 :48 PM It's a boy!

Black and white Persian kitten male born 6/4/05 approx. 4 a.m., weighs 3.0 oz., appears to be nursing well (first time mom appears to be enjoying her baby). The kitten has a black dot on the face right at the nose and several black dots on his belly.

At birth, the kitten appears to have a nice round smooth head, huge eyes, and a nice break. Time will tell. I'm hoping to keep this male as my replacement for his granddaddy who died right after this boy's mom was born.

His grandfather choked on food and died in my arms. I loved him dearly and promised to not replace him unless with a son from his daughter. This is her first litter and this is the only kitten born, and the baby looks very much like Granddad! Mom may have another kitten in the other horn. It is difficult to tell right now.

I want to call him Oarion Number 3. Maybe I will, maybe I won't.

newborn persian kitten

Day 2
06/05/2005 12:23 PM singleton male survived the night:without my help.

3.1 oz

I ended up feeding the newborn kitten twice, 3 cc's yesterday based on not seeing him nursing as I felt he should as the day progressed. Both meals were spread about 7 hours apart. He took to my bottle of milk as if he was starved. He pulled the milk down. I did not apply any pressure. I also gave him .01 cc of zithromax (50mg per cc) to ensure no fluids were in his lungs at birth, for mom delivered and cleaned him up on her own.

Wish the black dot on his face was white! Looks like a black bugger <gg>!

3 day old Persian Kitten

Day 3
06/08/2005 1:18 PM he is gaining on track!

3.4 oz

This little fellow has no idea why I keep taking him away from mom to photograph him. Thank goodness it takes less than a minute to snap the shot since he is moving around on me.

He nursed 100% on his own since the 2 booster meals I gave him on day 1 and he is not only maintaining, but now he is gaining. I'm very pleased with how mom is taking care of him. She is a happy mom and loves her baby.

4 day old Persian kitten

Day 4
6/8/05 1:18 PM Oh he is getting so cute. :-)

3.7 oz
He looks so much like his grandfather and mother which brings such a smile to my heart. I keep wishing he could have a blue eye, yet I don't see how, for his father is a solid blue persian. My dream would be to have my new Oarion with blue eyes. Yes, I know, a dream, but God willing, it still can be<g>.

5 day old Persian kitten

Day 5
06/08/2005 1:18 PM starting to squirm a lot.

4.4 oz
He's starting to grow nicely and is moving around quite a bit in his bed. Mom is still staying with him most of the day and he is nursing well, but I find him in odd places in his bed like the back corner behind mom, I simply move him back to mom.

I found myself several times looking at his day 4 picture and admiring him. This morning I've spoiled him with kisses as I keep returning to his bed while cleaning house.

6 day old Persian kitten

Day 6 Trying to decide on a name. . . . .
06/09/2005 11:16 AM

4.7 oz
Growing beautifully and right on track. He is without a doubt- Crown Kiss - Oarion's grandson and Purrinlot's new home-bred outcrossed male. He should carry a thick full coat factor. His eyes appear to be a good size. Of course, I'm hoping for the huge round bug eyes his mom (Surprise Package), his grandparents ( GC Purrinlot Baby Doll and GC Purrinlot Crown Kiss) and his great granddad (RW GC Kiss and Tell) had. His daddy GC Gianni should help him in his body and build... looking for a tank of a truck!

week old Persian kitten

Day 7
06/10/2005 12:33 am What a boy!

5.1 oz

I'm leaving for the Southern Regional Award Dinner and will not get this weekend's weight and photo's posted. Looking forward to returning home to see him.

By one week of age, Persian kittens should have doubled their weight. This kitten is slightly under but nursing well.

10 day old persian kitten

Day 10
06/13/2005 12:45 PM Eyes are starting to open and his body. Oh what a boy!

6.1 oz

After being away for 2 days, I'm so impressed with how nice this kitten is developing. Sometimes, we as breeders need to leave and return to truly know if a kitten is as nice as we think. This boy is getting nicer by the hour I believe. :-) His legs are tree trunks and his body is a box with no neck at all. And I am finally getting use to the spot on his face.

I think I might name him Oarianni, pronounced Or- ree-on- ee. This name represents grand dad Oarion, and dad Gianni. The name means Son of Light- Zealous: God is Gracious - Sanctified.

newborn persian kitten

Day 11
06/14/2005 10:01 AM Such a cutie. :-)

6.4 oz

I had planned to stop showing after my last regional run with GC RW Purrinlot Takes My Breath Away. Today, I think God might have a different plan for me, for here I am with this kitten and feeling an incredible joy in my heart once more. Since he is a male, to use him in my breeding program means he must be shown. I can use females, unshown...but not a male. Also, showing brings about an incredible bond so allowing someone else to show him also would be a no-no at this point.

If he continues nicely, I will show him to a grand. If not, he will be my last male In Oarion's honor.

newborn persian kitten

Day 12
06/15/2005 10:53 AM getting big!

6.7 oz

This little Persian fellow is getting spoiled. I just can't help it! :-)

newborn persian kitten

Day 13
06/16/2005 4:33 PM can't get any sweeter!

7.1 oz

Baby kitty is sleepy today. :-) But still eating and growing wonderfully!

newborn persian kitten

Day 14
06/17/2005 1:22 PM Kitten is leaning to hold his head up.

7.5 oz

Baby kitty shakes a little as he holds up his head.

newborn persian kitten

Day 15
6/18/05 3:07 PM He can almost hold himself up to stand

7.7 oz

Kitten slowed down on the weight gain this past 24 hours, but he still gained and seems to be doing well. I see so much of Oarion in this baby, yet I'm uncertain if his head will be as wonderful. Today I noticed a slight bit of dome bumping dead in the center of the forehead.

newborn persian kitten

Day 16
06/20/2005 4:10 PM Wow he gained a lot since yesterday!

8.6 oz

Kitten is really starting to grow. I can tell by the frame in the picture behind him. He appears to have NO ears! I love it. :-) He doesn't really appear to be changing each day, unless you go back and compared day 1 to day 16. This Persian newborn is really something! He makes being a Persian breeder fun and exciting.

newborn persian kitten

Day 17
6/21/05 2:37 PM I think I have found him in my arms today more than I've let him nurse from mom.

9.1 oz

If this fellow didn't have white on the insides of his ears, I'd swear he didn't have any!I haven't even began to trim those long stray of tuffs off the tips yet:-) Oarianni is going to be the most spoiled Persian Kitten ever! Oops . . . he already might be. :-)

newborn persian kitten

Day 18
6/22/05 4:23 PM Love this boy's head!

9.4 oz

I changed the bedding around and gave Oarianni a new bed today. Mom wasn't too certain of it, but finally decided to climb on in. :-) My has this kitten grown!

newborn persian kitten

Day 19
06/23/05 2:22 PM Breath taking - to hold or to adore!

10.0 oz

It's been a very busy day and even the baby is pooped today.

Kitten is right on track with his weight for his age. Persian Kittens normally gain about a half ounce each day.

newborn persian kitten

Day 20
06/24/2005 3:55 PM Kitten still can't stand

10.5 oz

Baby is starting to attempt to stand, but slides back down. He fusses as I try to take his picture. He is sleeping much and doesn't really hold the eyes fully open yet. Persian Kittens sleep for the first few weeks all through the day except when feeding.

newborn persian kitten

Day 21
06/25/2005 2:09 PM It's time to trim those ear tuffs!

10.7 oz

Baby Kitten has learned to hold up his head but is a tad shaky. I've been examining his head quite a bit lately. I've concluded it's very broad, much like an adult Persian head already, with a great roll out dome and actually quite smooth. It's almost as if kitten has a grown up's head on his kitten body. He's also beginning to show signs of moving his break upward and inward becoming more extreme. He fits the Persian Standard extremely well.

newborn persian kitten

Day 22
06/26/2005 2:33 PM I trimmed him up. :-)

11:3 oz

I trimmed the eyes and his ears and decided to take the picture with his eyes closed- looking across the lids- they make a straight line and it is exactly in line with the break. This is what is desired for show Persian Cats and this shows me that his eyes will be round. He has a tiny little nose but the nostrils have larger openings- which is another good thing. No breathing problems ahead!

persian kitten

Day 23
06/27/2005 11:55 AM Oh my gosh!

11.7 oz

Kitten looked right at me and literally stared at me, and he noticed my voice. Today was the very first time he saw and knew me. Our bond has begun. :-)

persian kitten

Day 24
06/29/2005 2:30 PM I think he is finally gettig used to me.

12.3 oz

Today, Oarianni stood up pretty good on the front legs only, and boy has he learned how to scoot backwards well since yesterday. As I'm typing this, this kitten is sitting in my lap, sweet and content!

persian kitten

Day 25
06/30/2005 11:42 AM As I talk he watches me.

12.7 oz

I'm starting to really watch this fellow's eyes in hope they begin to show signs of growing. As I rubbed his face, he licked my finger, giving me kisses, for he is fed plenty well. As Persian Breeders, we desire large round eyes on our Persians.  I as a breeder prefer the eyes that pop out round, known as Bug Eyes. :-)

persian kitten

Day 26
07/01/2005 3:36 PM He is quite the cutie! I just love this boy!

13.1 oz

Today kitten has watched me as I vacuum and walk around the room. He has also stood several times this morning, but his back legs tend to slide back down after just a bit. He can almost walk forward. :-) His mommy wants to play with him, but kitten just watches her with awe. She has always been a huge "kitten," always ready to play. I must admit, she has been a wonderful mommy since day one! I am so thankful for this, for a good mom is worth more than her weight in gold when it comes to Persians! Many Persian females do not really help in birthing and sometimes raising of their litters.

persian kitten

Day 27
07/02/2005 7:03 PM He is sitting up on his own today.

13.2 oz

Kitten weight slowed a tad overnight, but his alertness sure did not. This baby has watched my every move today and even spoke a meow or two towards me.

persian kitten

Day 28
07/03/2005 1:43 PM He is walking. I'm surprised he hasn't learned to climb out of bed by now.

13.6 oz

I told my husband yesterday, if he thinks I spoil GC Purrinlot Hercules, Oarianni has him beat. When my children were young, they actually had bouts of jealously over my bond with GC Purrinlot Hercules. Keep in mind my children are all in their twenties plus, so when Hercules was a baby, they were much younger. Today the kids have their own favorites, that they too spoil.

persian kitten

Day 29
07/04/2005 2:53 PM Speaking of climbing out of bed!

14.2 oz

Kitten climbed out of his bed today. He actually fell out the first time. He was leaning over and suddenly was on the other side. After a few moments, I put him back in his bed and he no sooner looked up at me, he was out of his bed again. What a smart Persian Kitten, very smart!

I also noticed today his eyes are starting to appear bug-eye huge and round and just like I like Persian eyes. He truly inherited his Persian family tree of good looks. :-)

persian kitten

Day 30
07/05/2005 9:43 AM He's my boy!


Today marks the official day of being one month old for this Persian kitten. He is a big boy and has turned out to be all that I was hoping for. :-) I have a few shows I'm looking into for him come October and November.

I was hoping Oarianni would hit the one pound mark on his weight by this date. He is slightly under, but I'm not concerned. He feels good and acts wonderful.

Not only is kitten standing and walking today, he's running to and from the camera!

sweet cat 

 Main AttractionOarianni is 2 months now. He will be called, Purrinlot Main Attraction and shown this upcoming fall:-)

Day 60, 8 weeks old, kitten eyes are growing and developing into a super color of copper! He is a hunk!



look at these eyes!My love!Beautiful Kitten

photo'ed at 10 weeks


Purrinlot Main Attraction- my love!!

April 10th, 2006

It has taken me over 3 months to be able to write in this blog entry about my baby kitten. As I write I am still in tears.

I entered this sweetheart kitten at the International November 2005 to be shown in kitten class. One week before the show, Oaranni laid in the living room floor. He looked sad. I picked up my baby, and he wet on me. I knew something was wrong. I hand fed my kitten until his strength returned. By January, he was going backwards again. His kidneys were failing.

I had to have my baby put to sleep in Mid January. I had the vet do all sorts of tests. I was afraid my kitten had been poisoned by the diamond food scare, for that is what we were feeding all of the Persians in the cattery and my kitten. The lab said they could see signs of the poison but that wasn't what took him from me in their opinion. Oaranni meant the world to me... what happened to him? Why did I lose him??? The final test pointed to PKD. I had recently DNA tested mom and knew she was negative. We had leased his father and were told he too was negative, so I argued and asked for more tests to be checked and run.

A little less than a month ago, I was emailed sad news. Oaranni's father had been found positive for PKD. The puzzle finally made since. In my eyes and heart. My kitten had everything. He was my perfect baby. He had everything. . . but his health. . . and to be honest, that health is and will always be more important than the perfect head, large eyes, beautiful coat. Oaranni was everything I waited for, everything I wanted in my little boy, except on the inside, the parts I could not see...he was sick.

Some history. In 1998, Purrinlot founded the the first PKD clinic in the state of Virginia.

Back then, it was very hard to know if a cat was positive or negative for the gene. Today, we have the DNA test, but even with this test, some Persians are missed and hearts are broken. Trust me...I lost my beloved boy.

As a note: Purrinlot used PKD positive cats in the earlier days and over time  worked out the positives. We did not jump into the negatives at once. We saved our Persian gene pool. The reason we didn't jump was we found many positive Persian cats were actually DNA 'ed negative, so we are thankful we waited for the proper testing. Today, our policy is work only with the negative lines, as I built my lines negative and strong!.

I miss you Oaranni! My beautiful Kitten, My Love!


anna tips

An Anna Tip: cat tips are found all throughout our site: "Make sure to change kitty’s water daily to keep it fresh, and to protect kidney health, distilled and or filtered water is best."


July 28th, 2011 

I've viewed this blog and Oaranni's  images many, many times over the years, and today, I still cry and still mourn for this baby boy I adored.

However, God is faithful. My little Girl "Purrinlot Ameris The Beautiful," acts like Oaranni's twin to the tee. Even tho I know she is not him and she is opposite in every way on looks.

She's a red tabby and white van with 2 blue eyes....

Over the years, I have  tried my best to replace My Oaranni baby with various breedings, and I have never found my black and white boy I so desire. Then one morning, this kitten was born...and I had an attachment to her immediately at birth, that I couldn't explain.

persian kittenpersian kitten - Amerispersian kitten- show kitten

Purrinlot Ameris The Beautiful
Red tabby and white van Persian kitten female with 2 blue eyes! She even talks non stop to me and cuddles deep into my neck like Oaranni did. :-) She Always announces herself when entering a room just as he did.


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