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When looking for a kitten that will become a breeding kitty or show kitty. Take a good look at the kittens features. Are the eye round, is the boning thick, are the ears set low, well rounded, and not up on top of the head?

When looking for a Persian kitten for a new pet, look at health, clarity of eyes, skin and fur. Verify the personality fits you and your home.


Early weeks from 4-12 weeks - these babies all have odd eyes and develops into show kittens

Persian kitten   12 week Persian kitten   12 week old Persian kitten


Potential Show Runner Kittens- pictured between 8 weeks and 4 months. All shown and won in the United States and Cananda

6 week old kitten   4 month old blue eye white kitten   4 month old show persian kitten


4 month old show kittens Calico and Solid White at the shows, 3 Grands, and a National win 20th Best Kitten world. White kitten on Right is 6 months old in picture.

 best of show, 4 month persian kitten   white kitten 4 months old   6 month old Persian kitten


show kittens for sale

A note from Laura, Purrinlot, a top CFA cattery of purebred Persian cats and Persian kittens. We are no longer breeding. I was the foundation of the odd and blue eye Persian Bicolors. Watching dreams come true with my program  was a blessing from God. I can never  explain how wonderful it was! It actually caused me many years of stress knowing I must end this dream. At least I made it through to the point of now others can carry on the work!

I once shipped worldwide. My kittens can be seen all over the world and today, and my lines are behind many!  I've always been a breeder first and an exhibitor second.

My goal was genetics and type within my lines, not trophies won by my lines, yet my cats won top best awards internationally in all associations all over the world! My cats and lines are PKD Negative - along with everything else negative!

I hope I have left a good legacy for the next generation of Persian breeders to work from and I hope they too can enjoy their catteries while helping to strengthen the new blue and odd eye bicolor Persians. :-)

Purrinlot - a hobby and my JOY :-) My focus on eye coloration and the gene pool at hand was what I applied my many years towards. it was fun and my passion.

persian kittenPersian kitten - Amerispersian kitten- show kitten

Purrinlot Ameris The Beautiful
Red tabby and white van Persian kitten female with two blue eyes!


If you are considering starting a cattery, please read this article first: Learn more about cat breeding!

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Summary: Good Breeding: What to Know - Before you Start Breeding. Learn about female heat cycles, male hormones, what to look for in a pedigree - and much more! Includes a bonus birthing chart. 8 pages. Out of all of the material you read- this e-book should be one of the first and foremost read articles! Don't buy any cats or kittens without understanding what is in this e-book - it may save you thousands of dollars (literally), wasted effort and years of a breeding program. It may also help save your females life and your living room furniture! Almost all new breeders start out backwards in their breeding program- this e-book will help you to start out forward!

If you are considering starting a cattery, please read this article first:

In addition- here is an onsite free article: Learn more about cat breeding! : This article shares helpful advice on both the male and the female as well as what to expect and what to avoid. Enjoy another breeder educational article from Purrinlot!

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An Anna Tip: cat tips are found all throughout our website:  "Chicken can cause tear-staining for many breeds"


About the blue eye bicolor Persian Kittens, Persian Cats

As shared before, I am the Pioneer to the blue eye bicolor Persian gene pool and I have worked on building these lines and developing the blue eye bicolor since 1996. I bred and Granded CFA's first ODD EYE bicolor Persian (Jacob), and CFA's first BLUE EYE Bicolor Persian (Anna.) Not only have I built this lineage with God's grace, but Purrinlot has been blessed with quality type as well! I could not have done any of this work without the guidance and blessing of God.

Blue eyed bicolor PURE Persians are EXTREMELY RARE as so with their counterparts the ODD EYES BICOLORS. My Purrinlot Persian program is not only copper and blue eyes but also green- and yes the green eye bicolor's with silver can be shown and is accepted in CFA. I am not using CPC or LH zots to create my gene pool. My lines are pure, strong and with prepotency for the eye coloration.

I'm sorry but I can not answer and teach you genetics... I must write this here because i receive soooo many emails on this subject and my time is already stretched beyond limits. :-)


Don't forget the grooming DVD and Laura's Book,
How to Have Purr-fect Faith, even at a cat show


SEE SOME Persian KITTENS Joy X Oddeyesee, 2 Persian kitten girls, 1 male, all adopted in 2009


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