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And yet two more Testimonials writing home:-)
(a satisfied Purrinot adopter)

Hello "Mom" Laura

I though I would just drop you a line to see how you are. It has been about a month now since I left home to come and live with these Canadians. Its very different here in Northern Canada from Virginia. When I look out of the window I only see white stuff no color at all. My new mom tells me this is snow and that it will eventually go and I will see green grass again. I don't know whether to believe her.

I miss you and everybody there, but I am getting used to living in my new home. I have so many new toys to play with. I especially like the new chair I picked out for myself to sleep on. My new mom told me she never let anyone sleep on it before but because I am so cute she said she would let me have it. I am eating a lot and have grown so much you would hardly know me. My new mom gave me a bath for the first time and I really let her know how much I did not enjoy it.

I am sending you two pictures of me laying on my new mom's bed. She is not very good at taking digital pictures. All the pictures are out of focus but I thought I better send you these before I grow up.

My new dad is a lot of fun to play with. He knows what games I like the best. I just wish he would he would know when I get tired so that I could have my nap. Oh well...I just have to train him.

All in All I really do love my new home and my new mom and dad because they give me so much love and attention. I will never forget you and my old home.



Hi Laura -

I just wanted to give you an update on GIZMO. He has won all of our hearts, even Annie's! He fits well into our family. I haven't been able to teach him to sleep on the bed with us at night. He does sleep on the floor near the bed though. I always know he is there, HE SNORES! Most mornings when I get up to get ready for work, he comes into the bathroom with me. Annie usually isn't far behind. Some mornings after coming from the bathroom, I will find both Annie and Giz in the hallway sitting together, Annie grooming Giz. He loves that! Gizmo is getting so big...I would say he is twice as big as Annie. I have several nick names for him "Fatty" and "Big Boy". He is definitely both. With the Holidays fast approaching, Im just wondering how he will react to the Christmas Tree. I know Annie was OK with it, we never came home to find the tree on the ground! Giz is a wild one, so who knows what he will do.

I also wanted to thank you for allowing me to have two such wonderful Cats! They really do mean the world to me......they are one of my kids. Im very protective of them both. I can tell you that Annie still reminds me so much of my Midnight who I lost the November before I got Annie. She has so many of her mannerisms. I know that isn't always common. Look at Giz and Annie, they are both so different it amazes me...just like my son and daughter...different as night and day!

Thanks Again Laura!


A word from Purrinlot- Annie was a kitten from our very first litters, 3 litters were born within 2 days and this gal is also the sister to Scarlet and Hercules on our site with the Persian Cats. We matched up Annie to Angie's need in a kitty based on what she was in hopes for after losing her beloved Midnight. This letter arrived as one of many after a five year adoption process had passed. Annie isn't a kitten anymore, she's become a wonderful adult in which I don't think I could have found a better home for her other than Angie, which is also aka Annie the human:-) Her kitten write home note can also be found on the camp 97 page, where the kittens write home:-)

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