Good Breeding by Laura Thomas - cat breeding e-book/e-paper

Good Breeding

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Good Breeding: What to Know - Before you Start Breeding. If you're considering starting your own cattery, this is one cat breeding e-book/e-paper that should definitely be at the top of your reading list. It may help you avoid some of the most common (and expensive) mistakes many new breeders make early on. This book gives you detailed information on:

  • Female heat cycles, male hormones, what to look for in a pedigree, and much more!
  • Includes a bonus birthing chart
  • 8 pages

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What to Know - Before you Start Breeding

Award-winning Persian cat breeder Laura Thomas shares great information that every breeder needs to know in this cat breeding e-book/e-paper! Out of all of the material you read- this e-book should be one of the first and foremost read articles! Don't buy any cats or kittens without understanding what is in this e-book/e-paper- it may save you thousands of dollars and wasted effort and years of a breeding program. It may also help save your female's life and your living room furniture! Almost all new breeders start out backwards in their breeding program- this e-book will help you to start out forward!

Customer Reviews

thank-you! Review by Rachel
Dear laura,
I just wanted to email you, and let u know how pleased iam to have found.your.very informative website.
I learned alot... specialy about breeding and etc.
I always read about people buying female first and many breeders sell their female much costlier than males.
Also, buying stud, older one around 2 yrs old and female.kitten came to my mind...
Its really nice to have breeders like you sharing knowledge and experience to others..i really thubk its kind and noble.
I hope u get the chance to read my mail..
(Posted on 8/30/2016)

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