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Dear Mom!

Welcome to Camp 97, where the babies born in 1997 write home! Boy - that was so long ago!

I received a letter from a sweetheart kitten after going to his new made me cry, tears of happiness, knowing he had found the perfect family. Today I would like to share a few notes with you and as the mail arrives, I'll update....


Purrinlot's ZZ-Oscar

persian kitten zzDear Mom (Laura),

I just wanted to let you know that I am ok. I miss you and Eolus a lot, but I like my new people too. They pet me a lot and let me sleep with them. I'm getting to know Berkeley and Halley. They are still a little unsure of me, but I know that they will come to love me as much as you and my new people do.

I went to the vet today. He says that I am very healthy but still too young for my rabies shot. I was happy to hear that because I don't like shots much.

Thank you for my first three months. Even though I love my new people, I will never forget you. You made me healthy and happy. Please tell everyone there that I miss them, I love them, and that I will never forget them.

Please kiss and hug Eolus for me.

Love and purrs,


P.S. These silly people still don't know what to name me.


Purrinlot's Bonnie

persian kitten bonnie"Hi! I'm doing great here with my new family. There's always someone around to play with. You don't have to worry about me. I'm getting all the food that I should be getting.Yummy! I am eating Healthblend Kitten Food and you should see me now. You'll be proud. I am now twice the size I was when I first came to Kansas City. My humans are great except that they have no idea that when I am hungry I am hungry!! I can't wait while they open the can and put it in a nice bowl for me. I don't mind eating from the can!

Everyone's treating me right although the baby sometimes get a bit too enthusiastic but I did a little calculation and discovered in human terms I am a big girl while he is still a little baby. I sometimes play hide and seek in the covers with him. Another thing, they don't seem to realize that everyone should play before they sleep! I'll have to teach them that.

By the way, my new mom and brother, the Ham, and me have some thing in common. They both have a black spot on the soles of one of their feet just like the black spot on the pad of my hind right paw!!

Bye for now. Will let you know how I'm doing soon!!" Bonnie

P.S. From ChinKee....Bonnie still talks a lot, especially when it comes to mealtimes. She either sit on the stool in the kitchen or at your feet telling you loudly that she wants to eat right now just give her the can! She is now much bigger than when she first joined us.


Purrinlot's Annie

July 31, 1997

Dear Mom,

persian kitten annieI'm having a great time with my new family. In my family there are two little people named Zack and Ashley. Zack, he's the bigger one, plays with me and my teaser every evening after dinner. We have so much fun! Ashley loves to pet my fur but sometimes is a little rough, but that's ok. Before I forget, Zack has two little furry things, that he calls gerbils. I love to watch them. Whenever anyone is looking for me I can always be found in Zack's room with the gerbils. I've figured out how to get on top of their house, but I haven't figured out how to get in (I'm working on that). My new mom is named Annie just like me. In the evening after the little people have gone to bed she and I enjoy playing with all my toys. After we are done playing and I've had my nighttime snack she and I sit down on the bed and she cleans my face off and combs me. I cant say I really like this, but she insists! In my new home there is a upstairs and a downstairs. I have fun exploring. I've learned that the quickest way to get down stairs is to jump from the landing!! This saves me at least 4 steps that I don't have to go down. The food here is good. I have three meals a day. My new mom also feeds me that dry food that I refuse to eat. Yuk!!!!!!! My first couple of days here I was a little homesick, but I am doing better now. I am happy with my new family. They show me lots of attention and give me lots hugs and little kisses. My new Mom tells me every day how much she loves me. Thank you for sending me to such a loving home and to a Mom that shows me so much love (just like you). My new Mom reminds me of you (so you know I will never forget you). I hope that you can come visit sometime.

I will write you often and send you lots of pictures of me and my new family and home.

Love & Licks, Annie


Purrinlot's Max

persian kitten maxWriting to My "Mama Laura" is just the cat's meow! I loved beingyour little boy and now I am very happy with my new Mommy and Daddy so I have the best of both worlds.

Just because I wake my new folks up to play at 4 a.m., love kitty "cookies", take trips with them and sit on the front deck at their feet doesn't mean I'm spoiled - well, maybe just a wee bit.

These people have more company than I've ever seen. Just when I'm about to settle in for the weekend, here come folks hauling those big suitcases and sometimes they even have little babies with them. They all seem to love me, but I'm pooped by Monday mornings and need a few little extra cat-naps during the day in order to start my 4 a.m. trick again.

I now live on the water (as you have seen) and watch boats and birds all of my waking hours...what a life.

I think of you every day and wonder when you're coming back to have lunch with Mommy and visit me. I'm really looking forward to my first show in leg is healing nicely after my accident. Until then, remember I love you. Tell Josh, Racheal and Greg hi, too.


Maxie (Dom Purrinyon)


Purrinlot's Zepplin

persian kitten ZeplinDear Mom,

Just thought you would want to know that I am fine. I like my new home and I am very happy. There are two new cats here for me to play with. At first they were scared of me. Zowie is a Blue-cream Himalayan and we like to chase each other, so I get lots of exercise. Lexi is a tortoiseshell Persian and she is kind of shy. She hissed at me a lot at first but now she is okay.

I went to visit Dr. Gordon, my new vet, for a check-up. He said I am very healthy and that I had a good start in life. I have gained 1 1/2 pounds, so now I weigh 3 1/2 pounds. I got my rabies shot yesterday. That hurt and I didn't like it very much.

I like to curl up at night next to my new friend Marc. He is 8 yearsold, soon to be 9 next month. He likes to play with me, and I like to bite his toes to wake him up. He says I remind him of Rusty. Rusty was a blue and white male too, but he got sick and died. Marc still misses him, but he says it is nice to have another cat that reminds him of his good times with Rusty. Now we can have good times too.

My new mom feeds me all the time. I am still eating Hill's prescription canned, and Iams dry, mixed with science diet. I don't like science diet much so I just eat around it, or drop it on the floor. But mom wants me to learn to eat the science diet cause that is what Lexi and Zowie eat. I drive my new mom crazy when she is in the kitchen cause I meow all the time to be fed, even if it isn't time to eat.

Well mom I am having a great time. I will keep in touch and let you know how I am doing. I will see you soon since we live close and you can see how big I am getting. My new mom says thanks for giving me a great start in life, and for continuing to care about me after I have gone. I love you and miss you. Hugs and kisses.




These letters help me as a breeder know that I have done the right thing with the placements of my kittens. They are so very hard to give up for adoption once they hit the 12 week mark. I dread the 12 week point, knowing I will lose a piece of my heart when the kitten goes to their new home. However, when I get good feedback from the new owners, like this above...I know, I made the right decision by letting the adoption take place. I would love to keep every single kitten I breed...but space and time will not allow it. Therefore, I need good responsible people to take over, once the kitten matures to the adopting age:-)

Thanks to all that have adopted and are caring for my babies so beautifully!!



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