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International News:
Peter Chang of Too Lovely and Friend Daisy In Hong Kong is showing
GC RW Purrinlot Takes My Breath Away DM for DW win

PRW GC Purrinlot Breathless of TooLovely

Cover of Cats Magazine- Purrinlot Breatheless- copper eye white Persian Cat
Our Cover Girl-
GRC RW Purrinlot Takes My Breath Away of TooLovely DM

Cats Magazine November 2006

Other Articles on Cat Showing interest:

 This baby girl was a joy for me to show. She was what I would call a clean white, meaning I didn't have too much upkeep on her to keep her at her top level of beauty. This girl I call Breathless and I showed her to a Kitten Regional win. Once She Granded, I had her flown to Hong Kong to live with my dear friends Peter and Daisy. She became a top winner and producer in Hong Kong and even ended up on the cover of the Cats Magazine. Daisy's daughter adopted her into her bed and she lived happily ever after as that little girls pillow buddy.

A dream for breeders showing is that the cat enjoys the shows, and looks forward to them- Breathless loved the shows. The bigger dram is that the kitty also spends their life as a pampered spoiled loved one- this was indeed Breathless.

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