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When I first started showing my Persian cats, I made several sets of curtains and used the wire cages supplied by the cat show when I showed. I'd arrive on Saturday morning- disinfect the cage and hang my curtains. The earlier years I used lots of fancy fabrics and fancy pretty ruffles. When I started campaigning, I used the show bags instead of curtains for the cat show. Now, I almost use as little as possible. Over the years I have tired of carrying so much to the show hall for set up - so less is now best. The more I show, the less I find myself carrying to the cat show.

Below are some curtain examples:

This is what I call my wedding set-from where I married my two programs together, bringing in the whites into my bicolor's.

wedding set

See the Wedding Set curtains in detail.

gold front curtaingold curtain set up with table

My Gold Set - you can find me along with one of these sets most weekends at a CFA cat show:-) A grooming table sits next to the curtains. We are benched at the end of a row. You can request this space for an additional $20-25.

You may also want to consider getting (or making) a pillow bed cover to match your show curtains. You can find silk & satin pillow bed covers for sale in many popular colors here or on Purrinlot's companion site, Castle Baths.


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