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Step by Step Directions for filling out your cat show entry form

I've taken an actual cat show entry form and cut it into pieces for each step. Below are step by steps directions on how to fill out your entry form for the cat show. To get your own copy of a cat show entry form- we have listed several places where you can down a copy of the cat show entry form.

Step One: Use a separate form per cat and or kitten you plan to show at the cat show. Fill one of these out for each time you plan to enter a cat show.

This portion is for the cat and or kitten being shown

cat show entry form

Step 1 - name of the cat

Put the full name of the cat here including cattery (look at this image - locate the number 1 with the circle around it)

An example would be:

Purrinlot Anna's Gift - Purrinlot is the cattery name that produced this cat- Anna's Gift is her name.

Another example:

Purrinlot Daniel of Pironti - Purrinlot is the cattery who produced the cat, Daniel is his name and Pironti is the cattery who now owns the cat being registered to show- so all part are to be included on the cat show entry form.

Step 2 - registration of the cat

The registration number of the cat being entered, sex, date of birth, and eye color goes where the number 2 circled is located.

Step 3 - color class number

Color class number goes here(in most cases it will be the first four digits of the registration number in Persians.

  • Refer to the show rules for your color class number. Then write out the breed and the actual color class to be shown in.
  • If you are showing a kitten, make sure to include the letter K behind the color class number.i.e.1193K
  • If you are showing a Premier, write the letter P behind the color class number.

List the cats' parents.

Show Entry Form

These two lines are for the parents of the cat being shown, list their full names.


Show Entry Form

This portion is information on the owner - the person who owns the cat being shown at the time of the show is the owner.

Step 4 - Cat's Owner

This line is for the owner of the cat listed. If you are leasing a cat, you must be list yourself as the lessee.

Step 5 - Address

Put your address and phone number in this area.

Step 6 - Cat Showing Club

In this line list the name of the club in which you will be showing your cat in and the location town and state of the show hall.

Also list the date in which the show will be held that you will be attending. Many cat clubs have two shows per year. You might want to list the weekend date in this fashion, 12/6-7/97. That shows the month-days-year

Show Entry Form

Step 7 - Who Will Show Your Cat?

If you will not be attending the show and wish for someone else to show your cat, this Agent area must be filled out. The person listed will be the person showing the cat. They will be called your agent.

Show Entry Form

Step 8 - Region

In this section, circle the region in which you live. If you are uncertain of your region- here is a regional map. Select YOUR region- not the region in which you will be showing. *Note I haven't circled a region*

Show Entry Form

Step 9 - Details About Your Cat

Check the boxes that apply to you, i.e. what is your cat, a kitten? A champion? An open? A premier? A household pet? Only one block can be checked. First select the division in which you will be competing in, then select what applies to your cat.

Show Entry Form

Step 10 - Reserve a Showing Space

Special request- if you are showing a Persian cat, you will probably want to purchase a double cage. If you do not purchase a double cage- you will receive a 22x22 space and share the cage with another person. Therefore- it is highly recommended to get a double cage. Double cages usually run an additional $25.00 - $35.00 per show for the show total. If you have a sturdi bag- single or double, you must purchase a double cage space.

Make certain you list any bench requests (a bench request is who do you want to be next to). If you leave this blank, you will be benched (set up at the cat show) where ever the show feels you fit. Cats are not benched per breed so find some friends and be benched with them.

Show Entry Form

Step 11 - Signature

Sign your name, and fill out your check to the club for the total amount totaling all entries and mail them to the entry clerk. Make certain you receive a confirmation before the closing date of the show via mail and check it....make sure all the information is correct. The form is now online at the CFA web site, you can download it and save it to your pc for future use.

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