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 persian cat bath dvd

EVERYTHING you need to know about washing longhair or Persian cats!

A must have for your cat bath learning needs.

The Purr-fect Bath Hollywood for Persians and Longhairs DVD includes a complete show bath from start to finish, sharing the bath secrets of Purrinlot's cat bath.

I began exhibiting Bicolor’s in 1996 and added whites to my program in 2000.

In 2001-2002, I bred and campaigned my first National-winning Persian, a copper eyed white - GC, NW Purrinlot Arelikiss of Stepp’nstone. During the campaign, I learned normal and regular grooming wasn't good enough! I had to learn a few extra tricks of the trade, if I was going to be able to run with the big guys.

Some important things I learned about the actual cat bath, made the world of difference in the presentation of the final outcome. I now share with you these small but important steps in making your cat bath - the very best!<smiles>

How can I help you with your Persian cat bath?

Have you ever wished your Persian Cat looked as good as the prize winning show cats! Now your Persian can, with the help of my cat bath DVD, featuring my actual show bath used on Grand Champion, National Winner, Purrinlot Majestic Kiss and Grand Champion, National Winner, Purrinlot Arelikiss of Steppnstone!

A few of the things I teach you in this cat bath video is:

  • the proper products needed for the cat bath
  • how to degrease, this will leave you speechless!- no more knots
  • how to rinse properly- allows a fuller thicker coat.


One of the first things we learn as Persian Breeders when preparing for our cat shows is when and how to bathe our cats

We use more than one shampoo, and we use them in certain order. On this DVD- I share with you lots and lots and lots of shampoos, conditioners and products you can use- some found in your very own kitchen and bathroom, and others at the show hall, which can be ordered online. (Persian Grooming Ebook shares- url address')

I show you tons of products- as I walk you through each grooming product, I share how to use them, and in what combination with others. Knowing the order of cat shampoos to use in your cat bath and using different shampoos at different points and stages of the cat bath will give the coat texture and color the best available look possible!

Don't worry, I will show you which shampoo works for what coats and how to determine your own coat texture and type too :-)


I bet you're asking how do you keep the cat in the bath without getting eaten alive,clawed up, or bitten by the cat?

It's a very simple answer- it's in teaching the cat to enjoy the bath by not doing what the cat doesn't like. I show you how to do this too- it's a breeze!

Ok- your next question - is most likely- how often should you give the cat a bath? This depends on you, your cat and your goal. Most Persian Pet owners bath their cat anywhere from once a month to once every 6-8 months. However, the ideal answer is to bath the cat when the cat is starting to knot. They are knotting up because they have produced grease and oil in their coats.

As humans - we wash our own hair based on it's getting oily- and limp- image what your hair would start to look like if you didn't wash it- knots and dread locks. Yes, Persian cat hair is like this too! And just as we human can vary in how often we need to wash our own hair- the same holds true for longhair cats. Thank goodness- they do not grease up as quickly as we do!

I personally wash my Persians once per month. Many of them do not need a bath that often- but it simply makes them so beautiful when their coats are clean and full. However, when I am showing a cat- I may bath the cat anywhere from once to 3 times in each and every week until we are finished showing.

Have you ever wondered why some Persians seem to have a full fluff of fur while others look flat? Two highlights of this cat bath video is learning how to "float" the coat - and the importance of proper degreasing. Both cat grooming techniques are covered thoroughly. You'll walk away a winner in this department!


By simply doing a few little things in the cat bath- your coat too can grow, grow, grow!

"As a bonus, you can watch the cat bath video all at once or return to individual sections to concentrate on specific areas."

You can read, read, read...but to SEE, is to understand!

What others have to say about our cat bath DVDs

I have done a lot of show cat baths but never like this. Now I really understand what to do to get the perfect result for the show halls. Thank you for taking the time making this DVD Laura. Its worth a lot for me and I will recommend it to all my friends. Looking forward to see part 2!

Chatrine Kleberg
Cinema's Persians

Just beautiful!

Why waste any more time trying to grow that coat or trying to make it look like the professionals- order my cat bath DVD today. Long beautiful coat without knots AND without daily combing!!! Incredible and yet true!

Never need to shave your kitty again- be bathed and ready for the show even if you do not show- make your cat look and feel like a show cat! Oh what a soft beautiful flowing coat!

persian cat show bath


I enjoyed every minute. Even an old dog like me learned a few tricks. I especially appreciated the details on specialty shampoos. I intend to buy the Hollywood version and Ringside edition as well. Keep up the good work.

Lyne Beauchesne
Avalon Mists Persians

Here is something else I had to learn- keeping a white cat white and keeping there faces clean! Do you want to know how to make your white cat white and beautiful? I'll show you!

Even though this Cat Bath DVD was designed for the exhibitor and showing, it is the most helpful hands on material in the marketplace for all cat pet owners too.

The complaints I hear most often from pet owners is there’s no coat on their Persian, their face is stained or the cat had to be shaved from the mats - and they have no idea why for they comb all the time. This cat bath video was made to help the pet owner have a cat with coat like a show cat!

I truly believe, EVERY PERSIAN CAT OWNER needs to own this cat bath DVD- that's why I made this dvd- to help make all the beautiful persians beautiful- knot free and not having to be shaved down.

Special Features

The bath DVD includes a list of grooming products, fully phote'ed with explanations about which product to use when and for what. Most can be found right out of your own kitchen and bathroom.


Hollywood Cat Bath DVD includes drying techniques and nail clipping.


Please order today! Just $32.95, and have your longhair or Persian cat look like a star! 

persian cat bath dvd
by: Laura Thomas
on sale $32.95 The Purr-fect Bath for Persians
and Longhairs-
A must for all longhair owners.
Award winning- Top seller- DVD Hollywood Version, Vol 1

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lookin good ebook

 E-Book - a best seller!

Lookin’ Good: Everything You Need to Know about Grooming a Persian from Face to Tail. Includes a bonus tip sheet on grooming and face stain removal. 8 pages. Are you tired of yellow tear stains? How about a coat that lays flat? Or do you simply need a good bath routine step by step? Lookin Good is the e-book for you! A great side item to go with the grooming DVD's.

We ship USA and Internationally

More Reviews

When I purchased your DVD "The Purr-fect Bath" I did not realize just how much I was missing with the show bath. Your suggestions on shampoos, rinses, etc. was extremely helpful. What a difference! I am looking forward to your instruction on Show Grooming and Sculpting.

Patricia Finch
California, USA


My Himalayan was number one internationally for kittens (Himmies), 8th all breed regionally, and as an adult is now a Quadruple Champion after two shows. I follow your video to the T and constantly get compliments on my grooming. Thank you again so much.

LT Kurt D. Williams, SC, USN
Higrove Maine Coons and Himalayans
Georgia, USA


I learned a lot from your video and it is not that I am new to cats and grooming but you are never too old to learn new things. Since I have be following all your hints, my grooming as come along like a house on fire and when the Judges remark on my grooming, it makes it all worthwhile...

Margaret Aldous
Simkara Cattery


P. S. for more grooming tips visit our grooming parlor

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