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Persian Grooming 101 School E-Course: Lesson 7

Groom Your Persian cats! Finishing Touches on Persian Show Coat


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International award-winning Purrinlot Persian cat breeder Laura Thomas discusses some final touches for show grooming in the final lesson of this seven-part FREE online Persian cat grooming 101 course. In Lesson 6 Laura discussed how to properly dry your Persian cat after a bath safely and effectively, as well as how to deal with stained fur. Now it's time to cover some tips for putting the final touches on your Persian for show grooming so he or she can become a grand champion in the ring.

Overview: what you can do to help improve the coat after it is dry for the cat show

I hope you are enjoying these grooming classes, let's review what we have learned so far.

  1. Tools needed
  2. Shampoo's- the bath itself
  3. Conditioning- tricks of the trade
  4. Getting gunk out- recipes
  5. Itchies and Saving Coat
  6. Drying and Stain removal


Most exhibitors want more of something for their coat; some want volume, texture, curls, shine... the list goes on and for each kitty and breed a different standard is wanted. Let's take a look at some finishing touch products and see what they are designed and used for.

fuller's grooming powder

Powders. Use grooming powders to cover or absorb. If you have a greasy area or a stain or discolorion...try using a little powder. Fullers Grooming Powder is wonderful to help with the greasy curls found behind the ears, and also does a great job on the bottom private area and keeping from curling up and fluffing up a ruff.

Summers Eve Powder (Summer's Eve Feminine Powder - Cotton Breeze - 8 oz - 2 pk ) can also be a life saver at a cat show. You are all clean and ready for ringside and then the cat uses the litterbox and hits himself. He's wet and your number has been called. No problem! Simply dry with a paper towel, pour on some Summers Eve powder, and pack, pat, and comb out. Summers Eve is designed to absorb wetness and it works really good on cats!

Revlon Glass. Add a squirt the size of a pea on one of your fingers, rub your hands together, and then roll this down over the kitty's back side. Watch him shine like glass! You want more shine? Not a problem! Next take a lint brush with velour cloth, not a tape one, and rub the lint brush softly over the cat's back in the direction the fur lays and watch a gloss of shine appear. Every time you clean off the lint brush with your hand' natural oils from your body are laid on the cloth. These oils shine up the coat without making it greasy. Don't overdo this though; static will occur.

Static. Static be gone! Spray a little static guard (Static Guard 1.4 oz - Pack of 3 ) on your tools and mist the coat with a fine mist of water after combing. Also, spray the bottoms of your shoes with the static guard! I suggest the small 1.4 oz can. It is easier to handle around cats.



Volume. To add volume to the coat, try adding a little bay rum (Bay Rum Aftershave Splash for Men - Oldschool Manly Scent - 4oz. of The Finest, All Natural, Premium Ingredients - No Synthetic Chemicals - by Barberry Coast Shave Co. ) on your tools brushing the coat opposite of the way it grows. Use clear bay rum on a white coat.


Need more tabby bars? Add some shine to the coat. Use our Anna Designer Pet Almond/Oatmeal/Honey pH Shampoo for tabby bar enhancement.

Want less tabby bars? Try some baby powder or corn starch. Corn starch normally can be used on any coat color. It tends to be absorbed rather than sitting on the coat.

Need wider set eyes? Trim between the eyes.

Need a shorter nose? Trim the hairs from the tip.

How about more dome? Comb all head hair towards the eyes.

I hope some of these tips from our grooming school classes will come in handy for you. If you have any tips you wish to share for these classes, please email. I'd love to hear from you. :-)


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