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Anna Line Cat Shampoo - History, testing, proof of quality!

When it comes to grooming products for your Persian, there are so many from which to choose. Over the years, my experience has grown. In fact I built a cat shampoo closet to hold all of the bottles of stuff I had purchased, many which were used just once. In the early years of Persian cat breeding and showing in CFA, I would find a new miracle product at almost every cat show. I would ask all of the winning breeders, "what do you use?" With each answer, came a trip to the store for more cat shampoos, and human ones too.

One this page- I will share with you, the best of the best (with pictures too- found below) to include not only the Anna Pet line but many other wonderful products on the market. I have to say though <blush> the Anna Pet line is the very best.

The reason I feel this way is because with each product I have used, I took the best of it and removed the bad and created each Anna product for my own personal use.

For example, if I like how a shampoo left the coat feeling, but didn't like the third day residue it left behind... I would dig into the shampoo's recipe, tweak and replace what caused the 3 day residual. By removing some of the chemical byproducts that were used to make the shampoo more profitable to the commercial company, I was able to make the product a more sound bottle of cat shampoo for my own personal Persian cats' coats. This gave me an advantage in the ring as to how my cats coat looked and felt.

Another great fact about the ANNA line is it is the only pet line that has been tested - truly tested. Let me explain this a bit... See, it is so costly to test a product and since the government doesn't require testing of animal grooming products, especially since the testing would be on the animals, so the companies do not test. Anna Shampoo has been actually tested, both on my own cats and on cats belonging to many breeders to whom I have recommended it. Just take a look at some of their reviews!

How the Anna Cat Shampoo is made

The pH balanced Healthy Coat is made with tea tree hydrosols in addition to distilled water for the dilution process. You may have heard that tea tree oil is toxic to cats, and you're correct, but tea tree hydrosol is not the same as the undiluted essential oil of tea tree. Hydrosols are a byproduct of essential oil production which is left behind after the essential oils are steam and distilled from plants. Steam is used to extract the essential oil from plant matter. The oil (which contains the toxins) is then condensed and removed, leaving only the steam itself. The steam contains water-soluble plant compounds and is condensed to form what is known as a hydrosol. Hydrosols are far less of a concentration and 100% safe, even on cats!By using hydrosols, we are able to have all the All the anti-fungal, anti-bacterial effects of Tea Tree Essential Oil without the toxin .

Our Healthy Coat product was used in over 2500 baths for cats and kittens over a 3 year period with no reported side effects. As an overview, thousands of cats and kittens ranging from 9 weeks to 18 years of age over a 10 year period have not shown one single reported or known side effect.

This shampoo has been proven safe and effective on cats. We also have been given reports that humans and dogs do wonderful on this product as well. The Anna Line uses natural and pure ingredients and not the stuff that causes cancer and skin irritations. Another reason why the Anna Line is the best!

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An Anna Tip: cat tips are found all throughout our site: "Although baking soda can help to lighten a coat, it is extremely drying."


So with this said- here are my top favorites on the market- outside of the Anna products.

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Main Shampoos:

  1. Anna Healthy Coat- and Almond Honey- protects, volumes, shines, cleans best. thickens hair shafts, restores natural oils for true glowing shine.
  2. E-Z Groom Medicated Oatmeal: Great for skin and volume; thickens hair shafts.
  3. E-Z Groom Mango: Enhances shine, deep cleans the coat.
  4. Jeri Redding Volumizer: Enhances shine, adds volume, and thickens hair shafts.
  5. EQuyss Premier Equine Shampoo: Enhances color, adds shines, and is tearless.


 for pet shampooColor Enhancers:

  1. E-Z Groom Crystal White, Gold, Black: Three of the top color enhancer.- Con- it does seem to dry the coat and cause breakage.Hot oil well.
    • Use Gold on reds and brown tabbies to deeper the red and warm the brown.
    • Use Black on blacks and brown tabbies.
    • Use White on whites and white parts of bi-colors. Great for chest, paws, and butt areas.
  2. Vitacoat Charbon: Use on blacks, whites, and tabbies to bring out the shine.My all time favoirte, if you can find this.
  3. Aussie Color Mate: Comes in a variety of colors to enhance the color of any coat.
  4. House of Anju Black: Deepens the black contract of a black coat. Con- it does seem to dry the coat, hot oil well..



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Add Ons:

  1. Fluff Out: Add to final rinse to increase volume.
  2. Selsun Blue: Great for stud tail; will turn white to blue; rinse well. Use Anna Healthy Coat for better results
  3. pHisoderm : For chin acne and stud tail. Use Anna Healthy Coat for better results
  4. UtraSWIM : Helps remove red from black coats but very hard to rinse out.
  5. Baby shampoo: A great maintenance and face wash shampoo - Use Anna face and body for better results
  6. Neutrogena: Good for stripping out old products but can dry out a coat if used often.
  7. ClorhexiDerm - skin protector



  1. Pink: Deep conditioning - must be diluted, as it is very difficult to rinse out.
  2. Infusium 23: Restores damaged hair. Use Anna Conditioner for better results
  3. Cello-Fix leave-in conditioner: Adds shine and puts moisture back into the hair shaft.
  4. Premier leave-in spray: Great for ringside fluff and coat conditioning.