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Does your cat's fur feel greasy or waxy? Do you see dark patches or spots beneath the fur at the base of your cat's tail? If so, your cat may have stud tail - a type of feline acne. As such, you need a soap that can work on your cat's skin as well as the fur, which is precisely what our Anna Designer Natural Pet Cat Stud Tail Soap is designed to do. Breeder-developed and breeder-recommended, no other soap of this kind exists!

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Greasy, Oily Stud Tail Be Gone!

Breeder-developed and breeder-recommended, this stud tail soap is a truly natural stud tail solution for cats that will help keep them looking great around the house and/or at your next cat show. It works on both the skin and fur at the same time, removing grease while deep-cleansing your cat's pores of the excess oil and dirt responsible for the production of this type of feline acne. Our Anna Designer Natural Pet Stud Tail Soap works on multiple levels to keep your cats stud-tail-free!

The Anna Designer Natural Pet line is the only creator of a soap of this kind!

  • ABSORBS THE EXCESS OIL CAUSING STUD TAIL - Our Stud Tail Soap is formulated with pure, authentic Dead Sea Salt, which can cause the bar to appear gooey and/or cracked on one side. This is actually a good thing as it is a side effect of the bar's ability to absorb the materials with which it comes into contact. So when it's sitting out, it's pulling moisture from the air into itself so your cat's skin gets moisturized when the bar is in use and when the bar comes into contact with your cat's fur it pulls the excess oil and grease out.
  • BREAKS DOWN GREASE - In addition to Dead Sea Salt, our Stud Tail Bar is also made with lemongrass to break down grease. Lemongrass is not a citrus, it is an herb. The lemongrass and Dead Sea Salt work together to unclog your cat's pores and hair follicles, extracting grease and oil from the deep layers where no ordinary degreaser can reach.
  • WORKS JUST LIKE BAR SOAP - Washing your cat with our Stud Tail Bar is quick and easy! You can and should use our Stud Tail Soap no differently than you would use any bar soap. Just apply the cracked side of the soap to a wet coat. If the skin is red and tender we recommend you use the smooth side of the bar for a few times first before cleaning with the salt side. You can use this bar for mulitple shampoos in a single bath if needed.
  • HELPS GIVE YOUR CAT A FLUFFIER TAIL - Our Stud Tail Bar won't actually stimulate hair growth. It's soap, not a drug. What it will do is moisturize your cat's skin and hair follicles so that new hair growth can occur where fur has fallen out or where hair growth has been stunted. And the Dead Sea Salt minerals help restore and feed the skin.

The Dead Sea Salt Difference

When you receive your stud tail soap, you may notice a crusting and/or dampness on the surface. This is due to the soap's formulation with Dead Sea Salt. The included Dead Sea Salt gives this soap its powerful moisturizing abilities by drawing moisture into the bar from the surrounding environment. So, while this process can cause the soap to look dry and cracked, it is actually a sign of just how moisturizing this soap really is! Dead Sea Salt is also rich in 20+ minerals to help replenish what is lost during the hormonal fluctuations that result in stud tail.

Laura's Tips: Follow up with Face Wash

Retired Persian cat breeder Laura Thomas, formulator of this incredible, one-of-a-kind natural stud tail soap, recommends you follow up by using our Face Wash on the stud tail area between baths. Our Face Wash is an astringent and works incredible on acne and stud tail. Each day between baths simply wipe the skin area where the stud tail is, no need to rinse or dry! For best results, use our sterile, disposable polypropylene applicator pads instead of cotton balls or Q-tips when applying our face wash. They are more sanitary and won't irritate your cat's fur like cotton sometimes can.

Customer Reviews

Really works! Review by SandraLouise
I was really surprised at how well and how quickly it worked! Within two days it had improved significantly. To think the first time I saw it I thought he had gotten into grease. Nothing I tried previously worked. (Posted on 10/22/2016)
Great Stuff Review by RedDog
I tried this stud tail soap on my cats stud tail wondering if it might work good for the whole body. My cat is extra greasy and so I washed him with this soap all over. He turned out so beautiful I emailed Laura his pictures. It was easier to wash the whole cat with this bar soap than with shampoo and it really worked, cutting the grease out of his coat all over. (Posted on 5/7/2013)

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