Samson- A Kitten Flies

Samson goes home - told from a kitten's point of view :-)

persian kittenHi, My name is Purrinlot's Samson and I am here today to share with you all about my flight to my new home in Washington State. See....lot's of people ask my breeder, Laura, about how the shipping and the airplane works for us kitties. Well, it is reallllllll simple! You see, it all starts at about 6 weeks of age. We get our first set of shots to prepare our little bodies against the world. Once we have three shots at the age of 12 weeks... we are all ready to go and join our new and wonderful families. We know our new homes will be great because our breeder really looks out for us and wants only the best homes for us. She likes for us to get lots of love and to be rather spoiled and pampered!! Ok... then comes the airplane journey. Please follow with me as I share my ride in the big plane across the United States.

 kitten rides in car

First, I need to drive to the vet, where the doctor looks me over real good. I get my ears checked, my mouth checked, my lungs, my heart, my skin, my tail, my eyes... the works checked! The Doctor makes sure I'm healthy and in wonderful condition. Then he signs a health certificate which allows me to travel.

 kitten goes to the airport

Ok, here I am outside the airport with my beautiful, freshly bathed coat! Oh and my nails are clipped too. :-) I still need to be weighed and put into a carrier and get my paperwork together for the flight.

 kitten flies


As I enter the airport.... all the people ooh and aah at how pretty I am!



kitten is ready to fly


Ok, I'm packed in my carrier with a special box inside. I can sleep in this box or use it for my potty. There is actually lots of room in the front of my carrier house, and food and water is included. Yummmm, I just might get hungry during the flight. I am not drugged at all and I am not scared either. Once the plane gets into the higher atmosphere, the air thins a little and I will get a little sleepy, but that is ok because it makes me stay calm, and when I wake up, I get to see my new people. :-)



kitten at home

Aah!! I have arrived, been picked up, and am now at my new home in Washington State.... I can hear my new person talking to my breeder and telling her I'm here safe and sound. I plan to grow up here and enjoy this new family. :-) If you are thinking about having a kitten shipped, but you are uncertain how the kitten handles it.... trust me, it is ok! My breeder tries to find the best flights, with the least layover time and no dogs, (dog barking is scary sometimes.) Non-stop flights are preferred and NON-CARGO shipping is allowed.


 sassy persian kitten


Miss Sassy writes home

I'm Miss Sassy. I didn't get to go on an airplane like Samson.... because my new mom picked me up from my breeder. Below is my letter home to my breeder mommy. :-) I wanted to let her know ALL about my new home, I was excited! I'm the Sassy kitten Destiny had that is spoken about in Mama Laura's book, How to Have Purr-fect Faith.

Dear Mom Laura,

Hi!!! I want to let you know I am doing very good!!  :) I meowed a little bit on the trip to my new home, but then I fell asleep and was fine. I got to see the vet that evening and he said I am "adorable" and healthy, something we all already knew!! :)

The first day at my new home was a little scary. I came in and immediately found a hiding spot behind the couch! When the two little ones went to bed I decided to come out and explore the WHOLE house. I felt a lot more comfortable then. My new mom showed me my new litter box, which she put in the bathroom and a special corner in the kitchen for my food and water bowls.

When it was time to go to bed, I went upstairs with my new family and found a great spot on the bottom shelf of my new mom and dad's headboard to sleep on!!! That way it is very convenient for me to wake her up at exactly 6:00am EVERY morning so she'll get up and feed me some canned food!!! I like meowing, purring very loud and stepping all over her face. I thought that would do the trick!!! hehehe.

I'm not afraid of the little ones anymore. I actually like to play with them and mess up their board games while they play!!! I also like to sit on a little beach chair they have in the play room and keep an eye on the two parakeets that sit in a cage about two feet off the ground. I've tried to get to them a couple of times, but there is no way to get in there!! :(

I think I'm going to be very happy here. Everyone seems to really love me. I'm adjusting very well, but sometimes I still miss my old family and my kitty friends!! :( My mom will be sending pictures as I get a little bigger.

Lots of huggies and meows,


Sassy is named for herself, but here at Purrinlot....we will recall, in memory of Laura's mother,
Sonya aka Sassy :-)

anna tips


An Anna Tip: cat tips are found all throughout our site: "Don’t let your kitty overheat while traveling! In the summer, place an ice-pack between two empty litter boxes. Add a thin, soft cushion to the top box, and kitty can use it as a bed."

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