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Purrinlot's Virtual Cattery Tour

Here you will find a variety of pages blended together sharing the most popular areas within the this Persian Cattery web site (a virtual site map). Designed with both the Breeder and pet Lover in mind. Have your speakers on- tour is meow sensitive!

The Brag Page

Our Persian Kittens both available and already placed can be viewed from this link. We don't allow our kittens to be adopted before they are at least 12 weeks of age. This time is required in order to assure all shots are finished and are good for the kittens first year of life.

Queens Pregnancy Calendar

This feline Pregnancy calendar shows you how your queens pregnancy develops. Each "bar" in the timetable stands for a certain event, if you move your mouse pointer over the red bars (don't click), a string will be printed in the status bar of your window of the bottom of this screen and tells you what's happening. This program needs the date of the first mating (when the cats have mated a few times on that date, it's all the better - when they have only mated once on that particular day, but did mate several times the next day it's best to select this second date). Select the date and press the "Calculate" button. Dates will be printed in the timetable. The dates in the "Date" row show you the first day of each week of the pregnancy. And here is one for the kittens- once born.

Cat Grooming Help

Lots of advice and grooming products too!

Complete Cat grooming Supplies offered with suggestions of products from around the world. A Complete Complimentary Cat Grooming E-Class is also located in this area of Purrinlot grooming.

How to Tube Feed a kitten

An actual video clip to teach you in case of an emergency how to tube feed a kitten.. This was our most visited page December 2007 and January 2008 as per Google.

Sound Garden

Where we planted kitty sounds for your kitty pleasure! I believe this page has the most links attached to it:-) People love to add this page as a link to their site.

Hey, we don't mind- as long as the link says our name Purrinlot Persian Cattery and actually links ( points back to) Purrinlot- feel free to share our fun Castle on your site for your visitors to enjoy.

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