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My hobby is Persian cats, so as a retired Persian breeder, I have quite a few cat thoughts in a day. I enjoy computers and I love art, so I combined my talents, my skills, and my gifts and pour my heart into Purrinlot, daily. This way, cat lovers of all kinds can learn and enjoy what I, as a Persian Breeder have learned. This site gives me a way to share and offer to you freely and pick my brains. Please keep in mind, Persian is my breed so that is where my focal point remains. :-)

I have loved, enjoyed, and studied feline health and behavior for over 30 years. At the age of 8, my life's ambition was to be a the age of 16, I thought about having to do surgery and having to open up a kitty. At that point, I knew I couldn't bear to be a vet, but would someday find a way to work with my love of cats. I probably spent half of my life reading veterinary handbooks, manuals, feline resources, everything I could get my hands on to learn more about cats. I always skipped over the dog section. Today as a Persian Breeder, I am still doing my homework, something I love to do. I don't always understand what I read. Sometimes it's very technical. In those cases I re-read the book or even call on my vet to help answer questions.

I believe the cat is also the most beautiful creature God created.

Back in 1994, I bought a computer and went online. I became engulfed in learning computer language - it became fascinating and very addicting <gg>. I strive to put my whole self into everything I do. Furthermore, when I learn about something, I research, talk to knowledgeable people, and self-teach in great detail. What I have put into my Persian cattery web site, I have also put into my real Persian cattery here in my home. I have some super nice and healthy cats, and will be more than happy to have you visit. As a Persian Breeder, I feel the lines I'm working with click very well together.

The pages of this site are written for those new people who need the basic information. As a Persian Breeder, I don't consider any of these pages beyond basic needs of a cattery. None of the pages are written in any real depth beyond basic starting points- yet they are indeed written with some powerful content. I have also experienced first-hand everything I have written about on this site. Personally, I don't like going to other sites and seeing newer breeders write articles based on book experience only! Therefore, I never write a page without fully experiencing, testing and working the issue through the cattery with practical experience first! However, If I were to write about everything I have experienced, I would need you to move in with me in order to finish the pages....the learning never ends! Many people come to my site and find it very helpful. I will continue to strive to help, but keep in mind, I can only help with the basics. The rest is up to you to obtain from experience.

I got into the show circuit in 1996 and began learning a totally new experience regarding cats and the Fancy. All my research, reading, raising cats, and life before these years do not count as years of experience in the Fancy, only with cats...yet, the basics are still the same. The Fancy can be quite political. Long-time breeders didn't have what newcomers have today to learn how to breed and show cats. Today we have the resources of their knowledge and wisdom, as well as the internet, which is an entire new way of being able to communicate and learn with people from all over the world. Because of my first experience of purchasing a purebred pedigree cat, I am determined to lend a helpful hand in areas in which I can help. If I haven't experienced an area, I will be the first to point you to someone who has.

Every litter shares new things to learn!

In my view, breeders have days that can be classed as highs and days classed as lows....we think about quitting because of the people more often than we should. Then we think about why we wanted to breed in the first place, we love the cats and truly enjoy the kittens! There are many joys and many disappointments, but for me, the love of the breed outweighs the sorrow.

For anyone reading this who is thinking about becoming a Persian breeder, please understand it takes a certain type of person to be a Persain cat breeder. It isn't a matter of just putting two cats together. It isn't about me, you will max every credit card you own to continue to be able to enjoy your program. It isn't about having fun and traveling. Breeding involves total commitment: sleepless nights, sadness, cat people fights <gg>, money to put into the cattery and the well being of the cats, time to show in order to understand what you need to produce. And these are just the basics!!

But when you place that kitten in someone's arms and see the love and bond between them, knowing you just spent several months raising that makes everything well worth it! Not everyone can handle the Fancy and survive....that is why many people drop out in the first few years. I understand this very well:-) Then again, there are people like me who will keep on ticking regardless, even if I do have my down days:-)

This Persian cattery is healthy! I pour my self into it daily to continue to learn and to raise top healthy kittens. My kitties are very much a part of my family:-) They are very personable and loving...not the kinds that sit in the corner and just look at you. My babies love you back! Oh, and feel free to take a look at what I'm producing in kitten quality, and even how those babies turn out when they're all grown up. I think the kittens are just the greatest, and so far they have shown quite nicely.<VBG>

In summary, my goals are to breed and produce top cats, to help newcomers do it right, and to enjoy my cats!! While keeping everyone healthy and happy:-)) <including myself> In addition, I am working towards a blue eyed tabby bi-color program. Update- In 2005 Purrinlot Birthed our first Blue Eyed Bicolor! and in 2008 our first Green Eyed Bicolor


In 2009, while showing 2 females to their Grands at the same time (sisters)…I started becoming very ill. In October, at the Richmond show Athena Granded (an odd eye bicolor) and Fate left the show with 134 points (a blue eye bicolor), this was my last show. I left the show and overnight (literally) my eyesight vanished.  After several months partial eye sight returned to one of my eyes, leaving both optical nerves permanently damaged…. this was just the beginning of my illness.

After many doctors and tests- I was officially diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This was the second major attack in five years, the first while I was showing Areli to his National title. It was because of this disease that I had to stop my program, and stop showing.

My passion was developing the blue and odd eye lines in the bicolor Persian. I successfully accomplished my goals and made history in CFA not once- but twice. Today, My lines are placed worldwide with breeders whom I trust will take this to the next step- in such a way that I'm certain someday…my name in this work may be forgotten. That's ok- I loved building the gene pool and being the foundation pioneer- for this was my passion and God allowed my program to move forward like no other. I found my joyJ

Today I offer my product line, Anna (named after the world first blue eye bicolor Grand Champion) and articles - created and written from my personal experience within this wonderful hobby!

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