Cat Breeding- queens and kings- the female part 2

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How many Queens?

Be smart and start out WAY smaller than you think you need to be- BUT not one queen and one male. You really do need 2 or 3 queens for starting- but it might be smart to firstly purchase an experienced male and or queen or pair. This way the experienced kitty can teach the inexperience kitty.

Which color coat for your queen?

What color program are you desiring to breed? If you want a solid program- purchase solids, bicolor- purchase bicolor- and tabbies purchase tabbies and so on. You can blend some programs but not others...and some blending of programs actually create more work on repairing a program.

Learn all about the color choice and start out simple- colors like smokes, chocolates, silvers, and even tabbies tend to be a little harder to start out with in a breeding program. Especially when you are trying to determine a dilute coat v's dominate- silver v's blue and or even a blue silver. You also have to determine pattern when working with some of the colors like the tabbies. and sometimes blending color programs will harm the color of the program and even ruin tabby patterns- so stick to one program of color until you have it mastered!

What about heat cycles, missed cycles? silent heat cycles?

Since girls tend to have heat cycles as early as 6 month- please don't breed a 6 monthly baby- wait until your queen reaches as close to a year as possible- so your queen will be mature enough to birth and raise the babies.

Young and inexperienced queens tend to lose their first litter. so be patient!

Next- Cystic Ovaries- what is that?

When a breeding queen has silent heats or too many un bred heats- she may develop cystic ovaries and then may either not conceive or develop what is known as a pyo- an uterine infection where the uterus becomes filled with puss.

There are two types of pyo's and both can be deadly- but esp the closed pyo since your queen can be striped of health and life right under your nose before you may even notice.

Problems that your queen may have.

If your queen goes into too many heat cycles un breed and then is breed and has developed a mild uterine infection- she may reabsorb or abort her kittens and appear to not be getting pregnant. She may also reabsorb some and deliver a few babies. If you start to notice lots of single litters- consider her with an infection. Many times this infection is undetermined - even by the have to go with the symptoms more so, than a culture.

Ok- what about the queen who beats the tar out of your male and just will not get breed? Coming Soon: non-breeding queens!


We offer a great ebook with more detail of getting starting in breeding.

 Good Breeding

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Here is one for those scary new litters or when something goes wrong:

 Saving Persian Kitten Lives

Saving Lives: Raising Newborn Kittens from Birth to Weaning. The reasons newborns die and what you can do to save their lives. 11 pages. This article is so detailed- it even list colors of stool to know what might be needed by your kitten. Great Advice from newborn birth to 4 weeks. This e-book contains years of wisdom. When Laura first began breeding- she thirsted for reading materials to help teach all the things she needed to know. No single book taught her what she learn over time- this article will teach you- those 10+ years of experience and the important things to help your newborn kittens!



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