What Removes Cat Urine Odor?

Helping the urine smell go bye bye!

Do you wonder why your cat will not use his or her litter box, or why they pee where they should not. Cat pee stinks! Cat urine is hard to clean and remove. Here is our trick of the trade!

What Removes Cat Urine Odor?

What odor could possibly be stronger or worse smelling than cat urine? Would you believe coffee removes cat urine odor? It sure does! Of course, if you're any kind of coffee drinker you probably already know that coffee also causes stains. So be sure to get a special coffee bar soap that won't stain.

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But, as far as scents go, coffee has some wonderful properties. As I learned when I was testing perfumes, if you sniff coffee in between sniffing perfumes, you are better able to distinguish the smells. This is because coffee seems to have a smell neutralizing effect.

If you have ever been a cook in a restaurant or taken a soap making class, you may already know that coffee soap is commonly used in restaurants to remove strong food odors from the hands of those who handle the food. Even the strongest odors such as fish, onions, and garlic can be removed with coffee soap. If you like to cook, it is not a bad idea to keep a bar of coffee soap in your kitchen. It helps keep the air smelling fresh too, if you like the aroma of coffee. Typically, these coffee soaps are made up of the essential oil of coffee, coffee butters and coffee grounds.

I can speak from experience that coffee removes even cat urine odor. Not long ago, I had my male cat neutered. I was shocked when he sprayed my couch. He has never sprayed before. I was scratching my head about what to do before I remembered that I have a Castle Baths coffee bar. I washed the couch with the coffee bar in hopes that it really removes cat urine odor. Then I rinsed the couch. I also tried to dry the couch as much as possible. Not only was the cat urine stain removed, but the odor was completely gone.


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