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coffee soap to remove urine

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Need to clean up after your kitty's "accident?" When you need to remove urine stains and odor from surfaces where the use of chemicals would be unwise, our powerful Dark Coffee Soap is ready to step in and tackle even the toughest jobs. Made from real coffee grounds to give it a naturally rough texture great for scrubbing, our Dark Coffee Soap is your go-to chemical-and-detergent-free solution for removing tough urine stains from surfaces and furniture.

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Cat urine stains and odors be gone!

Did you know that in commercial kitchens, many short-order chefs wash with coffee soap in between preparing meals? Coffee is one of the best deodorizers and cleansers in nature, which is why it's the main ingredient in our cat urine remover soap. Nothing washes away urine stains and odors without the use of chemicals or detergents quite like natural coffee grounds, and we've even coated one side of our soap with real grounds to give it a naturally rough texture for heavy duty scrubbing. So, the next time your kitty has an "accident," don't risk his or her health and comfort by using some chemical concoction to clean up - just grab a bar of this versatile, no-nonsense, natural soap!

  • OUTPERFORMS GOJO AND GOOP - Not only is this natural soap great for removing urine stains and odors, mechanics swear by it and have even said it outperforms GoJo and Goop for removing motor oil from their hands - if it can clean that off, it can clean anything!
  • SAFER AND MORE EFFECTIVE THAN CHEMICALS - Our Coffee Soap doesn't just mask odors in a haze of chemicals that will irritate your kitty's nose (and likely yours as well), it actually absorbs odor and replaces it with the soothing natural scent of freshly ground coffee.
  • IDEAL FOR ODOR CONTROL WHILE TRAVELING - If you're traveling to and from cat shows and need to quickly remove your cat's urine stains and odors from inside your cat's carrier or your car, our Coffee Soap can be a godsend! It's far more portable and safe to use in a confined environment than anything made with chemicals.

Customer Reviews

Fantastic Review by Tori
I have an elderly cat that is starting to pee in different places. He's old and doesn't realize he's doing it. I had tried everything and it wasn't until a friend suggested this bar that I finally found something that works. It takes the smell and stain right out, its amazing! (Posted on 7/16/2013)

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