The Castle Of Purrinlot Persians - the new Bicolor Persian Cat

Dedicated Persian Breeder, Re-Creating the Bicolor Persian Cat with beautiful, sparkling blue eyes.

Purrinlot Bicolor Persians Purrinlot Bicolor Persians

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Purrinlot Signature Eyes of
GRC Purrinlot Jacob said My Eyes IS Me
CFA's first odd eye Grand Champion bi-color Persian (Jacob's story)

Did you know almost Every Single Persian Bicolor in the world has copper eyes! Yet, here at Purrinlot, we also have BLUE eyes on our Bicolor's!! And we have some green ones too!

A bicolor Persian is a Persian cat with two or three colors on their fur (coat) and always contains white as one of those colors. For example, a black and white a.k.a. "tuxedo cat" is a black and white bicolor. A calico is also a bicolor, even though she has three colors of fur, but still one of the colors is white!

Purrinlot, the cattery of breeder Laura Thomas (now retired), was the first and foremost foundation cattery for the bicolors with the blue eyes. We were the only cattery worldwide consistently producing and showing these bicolor's with blue eyes, and most current show Persians with these color eyes can trace their lineage back to Purrinlot. We welcome your comments and inquiries about our Bicolor Persian program.

Over the years we have blended seven generations from various lines we have blended in as outcrossed and then line breed back as outcrosses.

Here's is Purrinlot Eye Leap for Joy

We bred MANY Persian Bicolors with blue eyes :-) odd eyes, and even with the green eyes.

Odd eye Bicolor Athena
GRC Purrinlot Athena's Present, silver patch and white van, odd eyed bicolor Persian kitten

Purrinlot Fate- Blue eye bicolorFate- Blue eye Persian
CH Purrinlot Fates Calling calico blue eyed bicolor persian kitten. The red glow proves the eye color is and will remain a true blue!

Read Anna's Story and Feline Eye Color explained in full, detailed with pictures. :-) Next- Read Jacob's Story, then visit our Blue eyed Persian Program and learn more about Joys' Story to include her week 9 for Leap for Joy.

Here is our Blue eyed Persian Program

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