Famous Cat - Purrinlot's Anna's Gift- worlds first BLUE Eye Bicolor Persian -

THE WORLDS VERY FIRST Blue eye bicolor Persian Show Girl!


GC Purrinlot Anna Grand Champion- Blue eye bicolor Persian Cat

GRC Purrinlot Anna's Gift
brown patch tabby and white
CFA's first and only blue eyed bi-color Grand Champion.
Best Bicolor Southern Region 2007
Best Tabby and White Southern Region 2007
Best Tabby and White Nationally 2007

To see Anna in person leaves a similar reaction to one's self as what happened when the people saw the Red Sea part.
Anna, is a testament to my faith and my program faith.

When I purchased Anna Sadlers' one and only male after she passed away (GC Brannaway Here's Mud In Your Eye, a.k.a. Mud) I wanted to return a gift back to her for the gift of her line, which I have worked from for so many years.

As far as I am concerned, Anna Sadler was the main foundation for the bi-color Persian today. She had the same vision I have had since the beginning - to create odd eye and blue eyed bi-colors. Sadly, Anna was unable to see her final dream come true. The dream of breeding an odd-eyed bi-color in her own personal program before her death.

When I was brand new, a scared newbie, I called Anna on the phone. My voice shook as I picked her brain about her lines and the bi-colors of the past. That day, she taught me pedigrees, and it was from that phone conversation that Purrinlot today has been able to blend lines so beautifully.

When Jacob was born, CFA's first GC odd-eye bi-color, Anna asked me, "Laura, what is behind Jacob? I've tried for so many years to make an odd eye." I was excited, yet hated to have to share the news. I said, "Anna, Jacob is a doubling up on your lines."

Mud was Anna's last male, and the male she had chosen to keep as the end of her line. When I brought Mud here to my home, I shared, "I'll continue Anna's work and name a special Mud baby after Anna."

When Mud arrived, I was so excited! I had the gut feeling he too would bring more odd eyes into the Purrinlot Cattery. This girl Is Mud's very first litter here at Purrinlot, and as a dedication to Anna Sadler's work in the bi-color world of Persians, I dedicate this girl to Anna. The name Anna means gracious; one who gives. How perfect of a name for both of these Annas.

Thank you Anna, Thank you Lord!

anna tips


An Anna Tip: cat tips are found all throughout our site: "If your tap water is high in mineral content/iron, consider using distilled. Less minerals, less staining!"


Feline Eye Color explained in full, detailed with pictures:-) Read Jacob's Story, visit our Blue eyed Persian Program and learn more about Joys' Story to include Week 9 for Leap for Joy.


blue eye persian cat- Anna's gift
baby Anna- blue eye persian

GRC Purrinlot Anna's Gift
A brown patch tabby and white van female- with 2 blue eyes!
no CPC - just a pure bi-color breeding that was blessed by God :-)

Get ready for Blue Eyes number 2!
Purrinlot Eye Believe
a.k.a. Malachi and sister Purrinlot Eleventh Star

Blue eye Persian Bicolor Male

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