What to use in your cat show grooming box

Supplies and tools needed for Persian cat grooming

Grooming Products you will take to the Cat Show

Some essential grooming needs to pack in your grooming box to carry to the show.

The most important tools will be your combs!! Here are three required most needed combs. I love the "Greyhound" personally but they are very hard to find today. You can improvise with a good quality wide tooth comb. If you want to purchase a Greyhound comb, here is a link to one I recommend that is readily available on


The first comb pictured is a 7 1/2 inch wide tooth. I actually prefer this comb size with one half wide tooth and the other half with the teeth slightly closer together.

The second comb is a shorter comb yet still wide tooth...I like this comb to be used in the butt area and leg undersides. It works great for when kitty goes to the box and yet some of those little balls seem to magically land right in his fur... this comb helps remove the, well you know, but yet not rip out the coat.

 You will also need a very fine tooth small comb (not pictured.) I recommend a 4.5" Medium / Fine Dog Comb. This one is used for the face and the bottom of the feet.

cat supply pin brush

  A pin brush like the one pictured is wonderful for picking up the coat. Make sure you do not buy one with ends... those little round tipped ends actually will pull the coat. Your goal is to lift the coat, not remove it. :-)

 anna designer pet tear stain remover trio

Persian faces and tear stains are a part of the breed for the most part, so if you are wanting to work with Persians, you will need to keep the stains from setting. In the Grooming Parlor are a few helpful stain fighting remedies. Many breeders use a Tylan mix, Diamond Eye, and or Eye and Wound powder, but I personally use my own natural recipe for face wash, shampoo and grooming powder. I spent years trying all sorts of products, documenting what I did and din't like about each, and trying natural, homemade formulations to achieve the same results without all the chemicals. The result was the trio of products now known as the Anna Designer Pet Tear Stain Trio, pictured above and available for purchase on this site.




Last but not least, don't forget a set of nail clippers, a small blunt pair of scissors and a small pair of thinning sheers for grooming the kitty for complete finished look.

As you show, the more you show, the more and more items you will begin to collect for your grooming box. Before you know it, you will be traveling with a suitcase packed full of fluffing and grooming goodies.


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