Kitten Training for Show

Getting ready for the Cat Show

Have you ever wondered what Cat Breeders do in order to get a kitten ready to show? It's all about kitten training! Preparing the Kitten for what's ahead. Below is a list of kitten training needs to use before a show.

  • At five weeks of age, begin to show the kitten how to play with toys in unfamiliar areas such as on your desk, in your lap, on the grooming table.
  • Teach the kitten how to jump up for the toy, trusting you.
  • Begin Kitten Baths and bathe every 3 weeks, then 2 weeks as you get closer to showing and then weekly - one month before the kitten goes to his fist cat show.
  • Share loud noises near your kitten.
  • Introduce the kitten to new people and friends.
  • Have the kitten learn to be carried on your hand and forearm.
  • Have the kitten learn how to use and enjoy a sisal rope pole.

Your kitten can show once he has turned four months of age. I recommend you wait until he is four and a half months for the first show in order to help his immune system build a bit better. By five months they are usually much more ready to show. If you wait to show your kitten after he has become an adult at 8 months, most likely they will coward when they are shown and want to hide. A few ways to help train your kitten or even adult once at the show are as follows:

  • Arrive before everyone else. This way your kitty can get used to the new sounds and smells as it arrives rather than going from your nice quiet car to a noisy cat smelling show hall.
  • Introduce the kitty to a show table BEFORE the judges arrive. Show the kitty the table isn't a scary place.
  • Play with your kitty on the show table and offer a treat. 

Back at the benching area, try allowing the kitty to sit out on the grooming table, offering playtime and treats. Offer grooming here too. Make the kitty stand while grooming as much as possible to try to avoid a lazy show kitty who lays while being judged.

Allow yourself to be ok. Try not to be nervous or kitty will feel your nervousness and he too will become nervous.

Last bit of kitten training advice, enjoy the show and don't worry so much; it's just a cat show. Make some friends and have fun. :-)

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