Learn to show your Persian cat!

Bit by the Show Bug!

Showing... oh so you've been bit by the wonderful show bug as we exhibitors call it. :-) Are you wanting to learn to show your Persian Cat but haven't a clue on how and where to begin? Below is a guided tour on the beginning parts of showing cats. For now, lets start with the basics. I will use CFA as the association to help teach you how to show your cat.

For starters, you will need to find a cat show close to your location to enter. You can enter a pedigree beauty of even your loved household pet. My advice would be to locate a cat club in your area and find out when and where their show is to be held. CFA can help you with both cat club and cat show information over the phone. Because I show Persians and this is a Persian site, most of what I will talk about will regard showing a Persian cat. However you may incorporate your own breed as such. Once you locate the cat show, you will need to get an entry form and fill it out.

Click here for step by step instructions on filling out an entry form.

Next... you need to either make yourself or purchase a set of cat show cage curtains for the cat show. I suggest purchasing the first set of curtains based on you can always make a second set patterned from your first set. Cage sizes vary slightly in different areas and show halls. Normal size in the southern region is 22" wide X 44" long X 22" tall, sitting about 30 inches from the floor.

Many cat shows will have vendors offering cage curtains. In addition, you may want to select a set that represents both you, your cat, and your breed. Most Persian breeders enjoy ruffles and fluff as they decorate their cage curtains to show off their persian cats and the ruff and fluff they proudly show off. You may also want to pick up some matching pillow covers for your cat's cage bed.

Click here to view a few online samples of cat show cage curtains.


Practice Makes Perfect

  • Four to six weeks before the show, you will need to prepare your kitty by experimenting with various baths, shampoos, and getting the kitty used to the routine itself. A show bath can be found in our Grooming Parlor.
  • Practice taking your kitty out of his/her carrier or cage backwards, as this is how the judges will do it.
  • Practice putting the Persian cat on a grooming table (not allowed to run).


Do what I call the show exercises. . .

Feel the kittiy's break (the section over the nose between the eyes), rub over your Persians head, front, and top. Check his/her bite, round out his/her face, carry him/her on one arm and introduce him/her to strangers and sounds similar to the mall. You can even go to the mall during lunch time and make a tape of the sounds. Take your tape home and play it for your Persian.

Do these routines daily as prep before the show. Once you have seen a cat show judges routine of checking a cat. . . then you should follow the routine on your cat, in that order so to speak.


The day before the show...

Ok... now it is time to pack to go to the cat show. Pack the important things to carry with you. I am going to share some basic needs to take in your cat show grooming box. What you actually pack is of what you feel will be important and needed. However, a few common items are a MUST.

Here is a show grooming box supply list.

It is the day before the cat show, show bath time!

  • Use the bath routine that worked best and don't forget to degrease and rinse really super!! Pack your goodies, get a good night's rest and have fun!
  • Wow. . . the day of the show, my advice is to try not to be too nervous! Your nervousness will rub off on your kitty and neither of you will have a very good time.
  • These are just the basic starters to help guide you towards learning to show your Persian cat.


What do cat show ribbons mean?

Are you ready to learn learn what the ribbons mean at the cat show? Cat show ribbon explanations are found in our cat show ribbons page.


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