Showing in CFA - Our last shows...

Below are the last kitties breed and shown.

I have since retired from actively showing my Persians. Here you will find photos of some of the most recent winners from my cat breeding days.


blue eye bi-color Persians - show girls

Groomed 100% with Anna Products, these two daughters of Anna's were photographed by Kathy DePietro,
Freestate Felines 09/21/08.

Fate on the left - Athena on the right

Fate Grand Pointed, Athena - A Grand Champion :-) The show Athena granded, Fate was up to 126 points and it so happened that this show was my last. I had become too ill to finish Fate. This was the time My MS developed bad enough to seek medical attention and it had begun to blind me.

 Cat tips

 An Anna Tip: cat tips are found all throughout our website: "Powdered buttermilk sprinkled over a cat’s food is good for helping them to gain weight, increasing coat-health, and promotes clearer eyes".




The Last Seasons' Cat Show Season Theme, Gifted Faith from God.

For our faith shines as we glorify God in the gifts He has blessed Purrinlot with in our Odd Eye & Blue Eye Persian Bi-color Program, My girl GRC Purrinlot Anna's Gift and her Natural Cat grooming line.


Odd eye cats, Blue Eye Persians

GRC Purrinlot Athena's Present


Miss Ashley- Persian Kitty

Ch Purrinlot Miss Ashley of Zenithi
Grand Pointed
owner- Rachaphol, Thailand


Mr Pompey- Persian Kitty

GRP Purrinlot Pompey owner Jane Macaspac, Miami, Florida
Thank you Jane for Purrinlot's 2008 Grand - keep up the beautiful work! What a beautiful show boy. :-)



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