Purrinlot Eye Leap For Joy

Dedicated Persian Breeder, Recreating the Bicolor Persian Cat with beautiful, sparkling blue eyes and now GREEN.

Joy kitten at 4 weeks

Purrinlot Eye Leap for Joy - 4 weeks in pictures

Green Eye Bicolor

We decided it was time to go GREEN. :-) For a few years, I've stated I'd like to try and bring in green into the Purrinlot Bicolor program. Late Summer 2007, I contacted my friend Carol B. of Forchin Cattery, who openly shared with me two beautiful kitties, one being Joy's mom. Thank you, Carol!!

I breed this girl with Purrinlot Eye Believe - knowing I'd get green.

Today, I share with you my newest joy, Purrinlot Eye Leap for Joy, born on Leap Day 2008. A bicolor silver patch and white with two green eyes. :-) Now... how cool is that? Pretty cool, I'd say!

Leap for Joy

Week one - We can't see any eye color yet, but we know they are green. Excitement has us leaping! We are singing, "We have the JOY, JOY, JOY, down in our Hearts!" We already know this girl is our baby Green Eye Bicolor Persian Girl.

Kitten Joy- Eye Leap for Green

Week Two - Eyes are open and based on how huge they are, we can see they are not showing up blue. Bicolor Persian kittens are born with blue eyes and they normally stay blue until about 4 weeks of age then turning into copper. Unless they are born here at Purrinlot. Then many stay Blue:-)


Kitten with Green Eyes- green eye bicolor eye are it

Week Three - We can verify she has green eyes ! Let's all Leap for Joy; I know I am...for my excitement is jumping!

Joy, the kitten, can hardly walk. She wobbles but has already grown a bond with me. :-) She is an exciting little girl. I can't wait to see her eye color at week four.


joy cute kitteneyes of Joy

Week Four - Can you see the green!! How exciting!


Joy five weeksGreen Eye Joy with toy

We are at week five. Joy had her first kitten show bath. She did wonderful! After her bath, she learned how to play with this new toy.  She's has now started her kitten training for show.


Leap for Joycute green eye kitty

Week 7 - sorry we missed week six, but here is Joy's latest cute kitten pictures. Joy has now received her first set of shots. She continues to grow very nice and her eyes are still growing in size too! The color is becoming very clearly green and outstanding. If she continues to deveolp well, we wish to show her during the 2008-2009 CFA show season.


To be continued.... Week 9 for Leap for Joy

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