Purrinlot Eye Leap For Joy - Part 2

Green Eye Bicolor Persian kitten

Joy 9 weeks- bicolor persian kitten

Purrinlot Eye Leap for Joy- 9 weeks in picture
Green Eye Bicolor Persian
Silver Patch and White

Joy is a keeper! Joy will be staying here at Purrinlot and be blended into our blue eye program in hopes to help intensity the blue eye coloration we are creating on our blue eye bicolor Persians.

My next mission is to breed another blue eye male and a green eye male, then watch these eyes over the next decade! ummm... purplish blue eyes sound so pretty- don't they??<gg>

Well, here's Joy - our green eye bicolor Persian gal at play- she just keeps getting prettier and prettier!


persian kitten -Joy

Joy 9 weeks- bicolor persian kitten

bicolor persian kitten

kitty- cute- persian kitty

green eye bicolor persian

Week nine! Oh Wow- what a gal!! Purrinlot Leap of Joy is a charmer for certain. Joy- conceived on Christmas Day 2007 and born on Leap Day 2008- a green eye bicolor Persian kitten and very special indeed.

This girl was a special Christmas Gift -in which- I believe was my gift once more from God. Matter of fact- when I heard mom get breed on that Christmas day 2007 - I told my family, there's my Christmas Gift from God - a green eyed bicolor Persian to be born.

Joy- before.... Week 1- 8 for Leap for Joy

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