Green Eyes, Blue Eyes, And Copper Eyes in Persian Cats

How to know if the eye color will be green, blue or copper in your Persian Kittens

Over time I have breed Bicolor persian kittens with all three colors of eyes. I have tracked my results through photographs and so I am able to offer you these results as found below.

Below are 3 persian kittens, one of green eye color, one of blue eye color and one of copper eye color. I took the kittens pictures all at the age of 3 weeks, same lighting - same time of day. I then took each picture- enlarged the pixels up to 1200% and cropped each pupil for this demonstration. Enjoy what your eyes will show you:-)

The following three kitten pictures show the eyes to see the coloration of each kitten at a level of an age before the eye color is truely present to see by the human eye.


A green eye kitten at 3 weeks of age:

green eye cat

Green eye pupil A kitten pupil with green eyes shown at 1200%

Purrinlot Eye Leap for Joy- green eye color- note the purple- this shows intensity of the green coloration that is to come.

A blue eye kitten at 3 weeks of age:

blue eye cat

blue eye pupil A kitten pupil with blue eyes shown at 1200 %

Purrinlot Fates Presence - blue eye color note the deep aqua- this shows the intensity of the blue still to come and not to fade. The red pupil verifies the eyes will stay blue and not change to copper.

A copper eye kitten at 3 weeks of age::

copper eye cat

copper eye pupil A kitten pupil with copper eyes shown at 1200%

A Purrinlot copper eye kitten - note the brown hues- with no blue hue. This shows the intensity of the copper eyes to come with age, a copper that will be of a great eye color and not weak in color.

Some interesting facts about Persian eye colors

  • When Persian kittens are born- they have BLUE eyes. As they grow the eye coloration changes. At the age of 3 weeks- the eye begins to change into it's true color from various hues. Most kittens have their fully new eye color, by 6 weeks of age.
  • However, I have found over the years, the red/white and cream/white kittens tend to hold the blue much longer- some as long as 5 months. This basically becomes a weaken copper.
  • Another important note on eye coloration is the intensity - when a kitten shows a deep ring of color. around the pupil at the age of 4 months - this is the color. that should fade into the rest of the eye. The larger this ring- the more brilliant of the adult eye color.
  • Feline Eye color continues to intensify or weaken up until the age of 2 in the Persian Cats.


Good eye color is as follows:

  • Deep Emerald Green and Turquoise Green is the best of green. Sage eye color is not a good green eye coloration, yellowish sage is also not good.
  • Deep Aqua Blue or Sapphire is good. Sky blue, and washed out blue (known as dishwater blue )is not good blue eye coloration.
  • Copper should be like a shiny penny, or pumpkin pie. Golden or golden light brown or even yellow is not a desired copper eye coloration for the Persian Cat Breed.


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