Green Eyes, Blue Eyes, And Copper Eyes in Persian Cats

How to know if the eye color will be green, blue or copper in your Persian Kittens

Over time I have breed Bicolor persian kittens with all three colors of eyes. I have tracked my results through photographs and so I am able to offer you these results as found below.

Below are 3 persian kittens, one of green eye color, one of blue eye color and one of copper eye color. I took the kittens' pictures all at the age of 3 weeks, same lighting - same time of day. I then took each picture into Photoshop and enlarged the pixels up to 1200% and cropped each pupil for this demonstration. Enjoy what your eyes will show you. :-)

The following three kitten pictures show the eye coloration of green, blue, and copper eyes at a stage of development before the kitty's permanent eye color is visible to the naked eye. By looking up close at these photos you will gain a better understanding of what color eyes your adult kitty is likely to have. Compare:

A green eye kitten at 3 weeks of age

green eye cat

Green eye pupil A kitten pupil with green eyes shown at 1200%

Purrinlot Eye Leap for Joy - green eye color- note the purple. This shows intensity of the green coloration that is to come.

A blue eye kitten at 3 weeks of age

blue eye cat

blue eye pupil A kitten pupil with blue eyes shown at 1200 %

Purrinlot Fates Presence - blue eye color note the deep aqua. This shows the intensity of the blue still to come and not to fade. The red pupil verifies the eyes will stay blue and not change to copper.

A copper eye kitten at 3 weeks of age

copper eye cat

copper eye pupil A kitten pupil with copper eyes shown at 1200%

A Purrinlot copper eye kitten. Note the brown hues with no blue hue. This shows the intensity of the copper eyes to come with age, a copper that will be of a great eye color and not weak in color.

Some interesting facts about Persian eye colors

  • When Persian kittens are born, they have BLUE eyes. As they grow, the eye coloration changes. At the age of 3 weeks, the eye begins to change into its true color from various hues. Most kittens have their fully new eye color by 6 weeks of age.
  • However, I have found over the years, the red/white and cream/white kittens tend to hold the blue much longer, some as long as 5 months. This basically becomes a weakened copper.
  • Another important note on eye coloration is the intensity. When a kitten shows a deep ring of color around the pupil at the age of 4 months, this is the color. that should fade into the rest of the eye. The larger this ring, the more brilliant of the adult eye color.
  • Feline eye color continues to intensify or weaken up until the age of 2 in Persian cats.


Good eye color is as follows:

  • Deep emerald green and turquoise green is the best of green. Sage eye color is not a good green eye coloration, yellowish sage is also not good.
  • Deep aqua blue or sapphire is good. Sky blue, and washed out blue (known as dishwater blue) is not good blue eye coloration.
  • Copper should be like a shiny penny or pumpkin pie. Golden or golden light brown or even yellow is not a desired copper eye coloration for the Persian Cat Breed.


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