National Winners of Purrinlot Persians

GRC, NW Purrinlot Majestic Kiss - dream kitty!

National Winner Purrinlot Majestic Kiss

CFA's 20th Best Kitten in Kitten Class
This boy owns my heart:-) Majestic has the most incredible personality, and sleeps in our bed nightly.
Name means-Kissed by God

GRC, NW Purrinlot Arelikiss of Stepp'nstone

National Cat Show Winner Areli

CFA's 18th Best Cat in Championship
A One Show Grand

Name means- God is Light , Miraculous and Heroic

18th BEST CAT CFA National 2001-2002
5th BEST CAT NAR 2001-2002
4th BEST KITTEN GLR 2000-2001
Best C.E.WHITE NAR 2001-2002
2nd BEST National White 2001-2002
2nd Best Solid NAR 2001-2002
What does a national winner mean? Simply that the cat beat out internally of all cats beign shown during the full year show season- of all breeds of cats in CFA worldwide. Cats care shown week after week for a full 52 weeks and rated via points. The top points are the top cats!